What’s New in Flxpoint – July 2022

Read on to see all of the latest Flxpoint app updates and feature releases for the month of July.

Shipping Management

We have added a new screen for Shipping Management where you will be able to view, edit and create your Shipping Methods and Policies all in one place.

Optimized Cross Dock PO Management

We enhanced the Cross Dock PO screen to now provide a condensed view of component Purchase Orders and line items for simplicity and ease-of-use.

Other Notable Updates

[new] Order Spike Protection – We have added a channel setting that allows users to enforce an order volume spike threshold by SKU. Once the threshold is exceeded, the listing quantity will be locked at 0, and an email will be sent to the Flxpoint user notifying them.

[update] Multi-Select Source Shipping Methods – We have added the ability to filter by select carriers and methods to determine the most affordable way to ship when rate shopping. The Best Fit Package option uses predefined package sizes to fit all Fulfillment Request line items in a single package.

[update] Automated Purchase of Shipping Labels – Workflow rules can now be configured to determine when a shipping label is automatically purchased. Enable the email notification setting to send an alert if there is an error while purchasing a shipping label.

[update] Auto-Populate Manually Generated Shipping Labels – Rate shopped shipment information will now auto-populate when creating a shipping label directly from your Fulfillment Request.

[update] Edit and Reprocess a Cross Dock PO – You are now able to update the Shipping Method for an unprocessed Cross Dock PO.

[update] Copy Order # on Screen – Order numbers can now be copied directly from the order search screen.

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