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Optimize Distributed Fulfillment

Use Case: I have inventory stored in multiple locations and need to automatically route incoming orders to the cheapest or closest fulfillment option.
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“Flxpoint keeps all of our product inventory synced with our distributors who dropship items for us. They also allow for custom rules to choose a vendor based on location or price to make sure we’re getting the best price at the time of fulfillment […] The order routing was taking multiple people several hours per day. 90% of it is now automated [with Flxpoint], which saves a lot of time.”

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Common Pain Points We Solve

My current system makes it difficult to automatically split off dropship orders.

When sales orders are imported into your online store, many order management systems allow you to split orders, but in cases where you may have an item located in multiple internal and external locations, it may be difficult to automatically split and route these orders in an optimal way. Auto-match items across multiple sources and set rules to split off fulfillment requests to automate these orders.

I ship from my own warehouse as well as a 3PL, how can I optimize fulfillment for profitability while also ensuring the quickest shipping times?

In certain scenarios the decision on where to route orders may be easy. But in 10-20% of your daily orders, it may not be as clear. Configure flexible and powerful routing rules to optimize 100% of your order routing.

I need to integrate to my 3PL’s API or dropship vendor’s system to automate my inventory and order syncing.

Integrating to your third party warehouse can often be a barrier to implementing and automating your distributed fulfillment strategy. Leverage the Flxpoint 30+ pre-built connectors or team of integration developers with 20+ years of experience to cost effectively build integrations. Have a team of developers? Build to our industry leading API.

I have multiple brick & mortar locations that I would like to ship ecommerce orders from but I’m not sure how to manage the order flow.

Flxpoint specializes in distributed order management by routing your inbound orders to the optimal fulfillment location wherever that may be. Manage these orders and print shipping labels directly in Flxpoint or send them into your POS or other in store shipping solution.

My OMS doesn’t fully support my “cross docking” or a “zone skipping” strategy to consolidate orders.

Consolidating individual customer orders to be shipped LTL to a central or local fulfillment location is a sophisticated fulfillment strategy that can be a profit driving game changer for some. Flxpoint’s Cross Dock functionality allows to manage this process efficiently.

I’d like to implement a distributed fulfillment strategy, but the accounting headache of reconciling individual order invoices from third parties seems like too much.

Implementing dropship or third party fulfillment can be challenging from an accounting standpoint. Flxpoint makes this much more manageable by allowing you to integrate the third party costs per order directly into our system. We will also sync these costs to your quickbooks account or through a custom ERP integration.

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