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Open Positions

Head of Development

With the accelerating growth and adoption of our product, we are hiring a Head of Development to join our team! This role will be tasked with leading and managing our development organization – supporting them in building industry leading, robust, and innovative solutions that support our users.


To develop a strategy for the team to meet the company’s goals and objectives – constantly improving on the quality of service we deliver internally and externally. To plan and monitor the successful implementation of this strategy.


To ensure the quality and technical approach taken by team members lives up to a high standard; in reliability, scalability and usability.


Main Responsibilities


Team leadership, strategy, and planning

  • To lead and manage a team of developers with varying skill levels. Management responsibilities include technical recruitment, appraisals, 1 on 1 meetings, identification of training needs, motivation, and team performance.
  • To drive the strategic direction of our products and services through technology
  • To oversee the strategy for product and integration implementations
  • To devise tactical plans that can be collaboratively carried out by your team – to implement improvements to our products, services, processes, and knowledge sharing among the team
  • To review task progress and ensure individuals are performing across the team
  • To facilitate the smooth delivery of all development efforts and technical support delivered by your team
  • To propagate and discuss decisions made to your team; including standardization of system architecture, software tooling, best practices, and new or changing processes
  • To have a clear on-boarding process for new team members to bring them up-to-speed as quickly as possible
  • To collaborate on the creation and maintenance of our technology road map

Software development

  • To keep up to date with the latest software development technologies and methodologies
  • To apply your coding experience and actively review code coming through the pipeline for issues or adherence to best practices
  • To write clean, well structured, well tested, and well documented code
  • To build well defined APIs that can be shared among internal teams and external users
  • To contribute to database and schema design with integrity, scalability, and security factored in
  • To proactively drive innovation with new ideas and options made available by emerging technologies and services

Communication and problem solving

  • To assist in support issues where your experience is required to either ascertain the issue quickly or to find a more appropriate solution
  • To take ownership of critical support cases to ensure proper escalation and process is put in place to provide a resolution as soon as possible
  • To contribute regularly to discussions regarding internal process and system improvements to ensure the company is operating efficiently; offering technical solutions when appropriate.
  • To ensure the development teams are integrating other teams’ services efficiently and collaboratively.
  • To strive for excellent knowledge sharing practices between teams where appropriate.

Company support

  • To lead and oversee technical quotes, analysis, and specifications to ensure they are complete and accurate.
  • To ensure that technical quotes provided take into account the possible implementation and maintenance risks and/or contain appropriate contingencies.
  • To support the business development teams with pre-sales activities where appropriate and assisting in large pitches when required.
  • To provide technical training sessions and/or workshops for staff where relevant

Key skills and experience

  • BS Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent
  • Senior level software developer with strong and successful technical lead experience
  • Experience managing, directing, and motivating staff to deliver on initiatives
  • Advanced knowledge of code pipelines and deployment life-cycles
  • Advanced knowledge of code architecture patterns (isolation and testability)
  • Advanced knowledge of event-driven concepts (i.e. Kafka, EventBridge, etc.)
  • Advanced knowledge of API First Development (i.e. OpenAPI & Codegen)
  • Advanced knowledge of cloud computing and infrastructure (AWS)
  • Experience developing for a SaaS product
  • Knowledge and experience regarding integrating to 3rd parties
  • Proven ability to recruit high performing teammates
  • Proven ability to collaborate with interdisciplinary leads to make strategic product decisions
  • Proven ability to lead an engineering team across multiple geographical locations
  • Proven ability to manage and deliver on team initiatives
  • Proven ability to generate decisions through data

Key behaviors

  • Strong leadership, professional attitude, lead by example
  • Bright, highly self-motivated and driven
  • Passionate about building innovative, intuitive, reliable, and robust software
  • Ability to solve problems quickly and completely
  • Ability to multi-task and stay organized in a dynamic environment
  • Analytical, inquisitive, and excellent attention to detail
  • Articulate; able to convey ideas clearly and concisely
  • Diplomatic and tactful with communication and decisions
  • Passion for excellence

UX Designer

With the accelerating growth and adoption of our product, we are hiring a talented UX Designer to join our team! This role will be tasked with leading our effort to improve our customer’s experience and adoption of our product. 


Role & Responsibilities:

  • Plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis
  • Create user stories, personas, and storyboards
  • Create prototypes and wireframes
  • Determine user flows and create sitemaps
  • Conduct usability testing


Desired Skills:

  • Insatiable desire to understand our customers and how they interact with our product
  • Ability to interpret and implement stakeholder product anecdotes and requirements
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills with development team & stakeholders
  • Attention to detail and user-centric design thinking
  • Experience in designing B2B SaaS product experiences

Full Stack Developer

Developers that work at Flxpoint generally interact directly with our product team on major initiatives and contribute directly to the success of our company and our users. Tasks presented often allow for creative freedom and iterative development to be championed to completion.


We are looking for candidates to contribute to a newly launched product that leverages Vue, Java, PostgreSQL and elastic services hosted in AWS. Applicable candidates should have experience working with these technologies and be able to meet the expectations below.


Our Full Stack Developers:


  • Analyze and Interpret Requirements
    • Review requirements and determining best way to implement technically
    • Can identify gaps in a requirement and consult with stakeholder for info
    • Make logical assumptions where possible to move forward and prevent delays


  • Develop API Endpoints
    • Build new and modify existing Java API endpoints (Spring Boot)
    • Write queries in JOOQ to retrieve or manipulate relevant DB records
      • JOOQ is an ORM that is similarly structured as plain SQL


  • Develop UI Components
    • Create new views and reusable components in a SPA (VueJS)
      • Understand Computed Properties, JS Life-Cycle Hooks, VueX
    • Consider UX and implement refined experiences (with and without mock-ups)


  • Consider Data Transfer and Usage Methodologies
    • Know when to paginate when interacting with large sets of data
    • Know when to attach to existing endpoints vs creating new ones
    • Only require the necessary data for each operation or component


  • Understand Event Driven Concepts
    • Understand that specific data is available during specific events and what functionality may or may not be feasible given this accessibility
      • Learn our domains’ events and data structures around these events


  • Independently Research Unknowns
    • When facing a gap in understanding (whether internal or external) – able to research these functionalities to fill their gap in understanding
      • Looping in correct resource when necessary
    • Define the “right” question to ask in order to properly understand this gap


  • Architect Code for Fault Tolerance, Testability & Intuitiveness
    • Understand how to structure code so that it can be unit tested, isolated, and has clear inputs / outputs (interfaces) to enforce this isolation
    • Handle code exceptions elegantly and understand the difference between “fatal”, “error”, and “warning” exceptions and how these impact the process at hand


  • Document Code Workflows
    • Create workflow diagrams, concise documentation, and/or clear comments so other team members can understand unique functionality they build


  • Mentor Less Experienced Developers
    • Perform code reviews and suggest improvements to other developers’ implementations


  • Fend off Analysis Paralysis
    • Able to effectively balance analysis against progress in order to produce tangible results in a timely manner



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Software Engineering
  • Experience working in a professional development environment with Java and a Front-End framework like Angular 2, Vue, or React
  • Led or were a Senior contributor to the development of at least one (1) project
  • Technical Concepts that should be understood :
    • Dependency Injection
    • Unit Testing (JUnit, Mockito)
    • Dependency Management (Maven, Gradle)
    • Abstracting code structurally (DRY programming)
    • Big(O) – Memory and Time complexities
    • Git (branching & handling merge conflicts)
    • Deployment concepts
    • SQL – Selects, Updates, Inserts, Joins
  • Experience with some of the following areas is preferred:
    • Spring Boot
    • JOOQ
    • SOLR, MongoDB, ElasticCache
    • AWS services’ and/or other Cloud Hosting providers’ solutions
    • Advanced SQL – complex queries, indices, triggers, etc.
    • I/O, Network, and DB bottlenecks

Sales Development Representative

We are seeking a Sales Development Representative (Inbound) to become an integral part of our team! Inventory Source currently has 200+ leads signing up on our website per day, and we are seeking sales team members to help educate and qualify these inbound leads.


Your Mission:


  • Establishing rapport and gaining an understanding of prospects business objectives
  • Qualifying prospects needs and how they align with our product
  • Effectively explaining our solution and how it fits their business needs
  • Efficiently scheduling demos between prospects & Account Executives




  • Has a competitive spirit, coachable, action oriented, and results driven
  • Previous experience in sales, customer service, or other related fields
  • Deadline and detail-oriented
  • Ability to build rapport with clients
  • Efficient and organized

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