Simple pricing. Strong ROI.

Streamline and automate your ecommerce operations to save thousands in time and money.
  • Cut order management tasks in half
  • Onboard vendors and retail partners in days not months
  • List more products to more channels faster than ever before
  • Drive profitability through order optimization and efficiency
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“We’ve seen our Shopify order count grow consistently 30-60% year-over-year, and Flxpoint has allowed us to effectively manage this growth.”

Laurie Mucciolo |

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It’s time to scale your business.

Drive profitability and increase efficiency by reducing the amount of manual tasks and time consuming effort spent in managing your ecommerce operations.

Unlock growth by…

  • Automating order routing and optimization
  • Easily integrating with fulfillment partners
  • Syncing quantity and custom pricing to multiple channels
  • Using a centralized hub for inventory and product data

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