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See how Flxpoint's automation can save you hours and thousands of dollars for your ecommerce business.

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Time savings based on 6 min./order for manual order submission vs. the time Flxpoint takes to automate the same amount of orders (15 min. of order mgmt/day).
Cost savings based on your average employee(s) hourly pay and the amount of manual labor hours saved.

What else can Flxpoint automate?

Automatically list products on your sales channels

Publish your entire product catalog to all of your sales channels right from Flxpoint. Avoid file imports and time-consuming individual product creation.

Curate and augment your product data

Build rules to merge, prioritize, verify, and improve product data from multiple data sources to quickly create product listings worth listing.

Automate accounting and invoice reconciliation

Integrate and fully automate your dropship and traditional retail operations, including invoice reconciliation, from one central hub.

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