Automatic Data Exports and SEMA data Integration

What's New in Flxpoint

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What’s New in Flxpoint: February, 2024

Automated Data Exports

Flxpoint now saves you more time through Automated Data exports. Schedule export or download your data as you like.

[new] Schedule or download data for Product Catalog, Source Inventory and Channel listings.

[new] Automate the movement of this data from one system to another via an FTP or HTTP Connection.

In addition to Automated Exports, we now support SEMA Data for automotive parts businesses.

SEMA Data Integration

A brand new pre-built integration for SEMA Data – SEMA is the industry leader in providing enhanced data for automotive products.

With this plug and play integration, you’ll be able to enhance your product’s images, titles, descriptions and, most importantly, attributes along with a ton of other data points.

Automated Data Exports

Schedule export or download your data as you like.

SEMA Data Integration

Enhance your automotive product’s images, titles, descriptions and more.

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