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Scale Multi-Channel Sales

Use Case: I currently sell my products across multiple B2C and B2B channels and need one central location to easily manage custom pricing, product data, and catalogs.
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“We use Flxpoint to easily integrate our entire product catalog, with on hand quantities, to our dealers’ ecommerce websites. We also use it to fully automate the process of receiving and syncing dealer dropship orders into our system. We are proud to recommend them, as they are a vital technology partner for both our company and our dealers.”

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Common Pain Points We Solve

When I get a sale for a product on my website I need it to reduce the quantity on Amazon quickly so I don’t risk overselling.

When selling across multiple channels, it’s imperative to make sure your quantities stay in sync while orders flow through. Flxpoint’s “committed stock” feature ensures that we keep quantities updated across your multiple channels, even if you are receiving inventory feeds from your warehouse, dropship partners, or 3PL.

I list my products at different prices across different sales channels and marketplaces and need a quick and automated way to keep them updated.

It is common to implement different pricing strategies across multiple sales channels. Flxpoint allows you to build rules to modify the list price across your sales channels and easily keep them updated as data points change such as cost, MAP, and listing fees.

Some products I sell across all sales channels and others that I only list on my website, how can I easily control which products are listed on certain channels?

There are many scenarios where you may only want to list certain products on certain B2C and B2B sales channels. Flxpoint’s UI was built to serve this use case by allowing you to easily create channel-specific listings from your product catalog and view by the catalog by the specific sales channel.

I have certain product SKUs stored in my own warehouse that I also dropship from other suppliers. How do I ensure I only list what I have in my warehouse on Amazon but list the total available quantity on my website?

A fairly complex use case we see often and love to solve is listing fulfillment location specific quantities on certain channels. Flxpoint supports channel specific quantity modifications to ensure you list all the stock you have available to you on certain channels and restrict fulfillable quantities on other channels that have strict SLAs.

I dropship some products to B2B resellers that pay on net terms, can I manage that in the same central platform as my direct to consumer business?

B2B order, payment, and invoicing workflows can vary greatly from your B2C business. With our Flxpoint Reseller Portal, you can manage your B2B resellers and order workflows along side your B2C sales from one central management dashboard.

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