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Build a Vendor Marketplace

Use Case: I have vendors willing to dropship products that I list on my store, however it is difficult to manage vendor onboarding, product uploading, and syncing of their inventory and orders.
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“Using Flxpoint, we’ve been able to successfully react to the specific needs of each of our partners. It feels like there’s enough flexibility to determine a suitable workaround if they don’t want to do things a certain way.”

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Common Pain Points We Solve

My marketplace’s success relies on ensuring we can avoid stock outs, canceled orders, and late shipments.

Your marketplace is only as good as your vendors selling and shipping the products. Flxpoint’s vendor performance report allows you to track the number of orders your vendors are receiving as well as their cancel percentages and average fulfillment times.

Getting my vendor’s product catalogs uploaded to our website via spreadsheets and file uploads is a time-consuming nightmare.

Flxpoint makes it easy to import your vendor’s catalog directly into your marketplace by integrating directly with their Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, or Magento store where their existing product data is stored. If they have product data stored in other systems, they can provide a spreadsheet that can be easily imported with mapping rules. Vendors can choose which products are imported through manual selection or custom import rules that are set in Flxpoint.

Most of my dropship vendors are used to receiving shipping labels from retailers, and I need an efficient way to provide them.

Flxpoint knows that your vendor’s needs can vary greatly. Flxpoint can support vendors no matter how they prefer to ship your marketplace’s orders. For those that prefer to accept a shipping label via email or a vendor portal download, we make fulfillment easy. We can even send orders directly into their ShipStation account (or other supported system).

Some of my larger vendors are not willing to login to the vendor portal or allow us to connect to their ecommerce store for inventory and order syncs.

If some of your vendors require custom EDI/API integrations, we have a full team of integration developers willing to build these integrations at a competitive rate.

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