Integrate With WooCommerce as a Source

We are excited to introduce Flxpoint’s newest integration, WooCommerce as a Source!

Now you can connect to a WooCommerce store and pull in products and inventory, push out orders, and pull in shipment tracking all within the Flxpoint app.

Flxpoint users can also use this plug-and-play integration to automate and integrate their fulfillment vendors that utilize a WooCommerce store.

With this integration, you can:

  • Sync inventory and pricing from a WooCommerce site
  • Route purchase orders to a WooCommerce site
  • Pull in shipment tracking information from a WooCommerce site

To use this integration, the WooCommerce admin adds a new “plugin” in the WooCommerce admin panel and provides the plugin’s API credentials. Detailed support documentation is available to all Flxpoint users.

Talk with an expert today to learn more about this integration, or how Flxpoint can help automate your ecommerce operations! If you are an existing customer with questions, please reach out here.

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