What’s New in Flxpoint – January 2023

Read on to see all of the latest Flxpoint app updates and feature releases from the last month.

Automatic Sync With Listing Actions

We will now trigger an automatic sync of your listings whenever you make an action that will change the status of the listing.

Click here to view our guided exercise of this updated feature!

Global Option Value Ordering

We have added the ability to arrange option values by easily navigating to a parent product or listing and selecting “View All Options”.

The order saved and applied here will set the option value order for all records unless explicitly set on the individual product or listing.

Other Notable Updates

[new] Custom Aggregate Workflow – You now can utilize the Inventory Created/Updated Workflow under your source to configure custom aggregate fields.

[new] Edit Source Inventory – We have added to ability to edit inventory on all source types, not just internal warehouses.

[new] Quickbooks Online UI – By navigating to your Settings > Accounting, you can now manage the sources and channels that will send copies of orders, purchase orders, and invoices to Quickbooks Online all from one place.

[new] DesktopShipper – Get Shipments is now available. Use this with Send Fulfillment Requests to automate order management.

[new] Dropshipzone – Get Shipments is now available. Use this with Get Inventory and Send Fulfillment Requests to fully automate.

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