What’s New in Flxpoint – February 2022

Read on to see all of the latest Flxpoint app updates and feature releases for the month of February.

Source Wizard Set Up

We enhanced source creation to walk-through setting up a functional source before configuring its integrations.

Prioritize Linking To Existing Listings

We enhanced how we link to existing listings on your channel. You can add and prioritize multiple combinations of identifiers (SKU – > SKU) when attempting to link listings to your channel.

Delete Inventory Items

We added support to delete Inventory products in your Flxpoint account. Now you can delete Inventory, Product, and Listing SKUs all within our app.

Other Notable Updates

Woocommerce as a Source – You can now plug in a Woocommerce site as an integrated source with your other fulfillment integrations.

Create a Product – We added a way to manually “Create a Product” in the Product Catalog. A product can be created as a new parent with a new variant, or a new variant can be added to an existing parent.

New Bundle Creation Process – We added a new way to create bundles that allows you to add the exact component variants and quantity for each bundle variant. You can do this by clicking “Create Product” and selecting to add a new “Bundle” variant, or via bundle upload.

New Bundle Identification – We modified how bundles are identified. A “Bundle” is now considered a type of product variant, so a product parent can now contain both a “standard” variant and a “bundle variant”.

Vendor Portal Enhancement – We added support for vendors to “Adjust” PO/FRs (partially cancel or acknowledge line items) in the vendor portal.

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