What’s New in Flxpoint – April 2022

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 02:57 pm

Read on to see all of the latest Flxpoint app updates and feature releases for the month of April.

Listing Creation Process Improvement

We have added the ability to create listings to multiple channels in a single action from the Product Catalog.

New Data Field: Bin Location

We have added a new data point, “Bin Location”, to inventory variants. This data point can be set up via our Source integrations and can be used at the time of importing SKUs and sending out fulfillment requests. Our users leverage this field for their own internal warehousing processes.

Import Bundled Products

We have modified our bundle imports to support uploading up to 50 component SKUs for a single bundle variant.

Other Notable Releases

Custom Aggregate Fields – We have modified Custom Aggregate Fields to be configurable so that out-of-stock inventory variants can be excluded from the aggregated calculations. Any pre-existing custom aggregate fields will now have this option disabled, but it is suggested to enable it if you would like to ignore pricing or quantity data from unavailable inventory.

Auto Create Listings – We modified the product builder to require opting-in via a toggle to use the “Auto Create Listing” feature.

Duplicate Image Protection – We added a more robust layer of duplicate image protection when publishing to channels.

Shopify (as a Channel) Integration Update – We updated our Publish Listings integration to handle Shopify’s new Metafields changes.

Contact Us Page – We have modified the Contact Us page within the Flxpoint app.

Cross Dock Speed Improvement – We have Improved the load speed on Cross Dock POs.

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