What Is a Modern Merchant?

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 04:54 pm

A modern merchant is a retailer, distributor, or brand that believes in a flexible and agile supply chain paired with a diversified multi-channel sales strategy. 

A modern merchant may utilize traditional wholesale purchases and warehousing. Yet, they also fully leverage their supply partner network, whether through dropshipping, cross-docking, print on demand, or strategically located third-party warehouses.

This integrated and agile supply chain strategy allows them to offer a more extensive product assortment with more reliable inventory availability than their competitors.

In addition to implementing a flexible supply chain, the modern merchant also sees the value of leveraging multiple sales channels. Rather than relying on a single channel for sales, the modern merchant syndicates their product catalog across multiple sales channels to meet their customers where they are. They know the importance of deploying customizable product feeds across channels while also accepting orders and supporting shipments in various ways.

Modern merchants are less reactive and more proactive about investing in solutions that will increase their agility and capacity to meet their obligations to their customers. 

Flxpoint is the central operations hub built to support the multi-source, multi-channel merchant with a modern retail strategy that craves automation, requires flexibility, and understands the power of reliability for their customers and technology.

Are you a Modern Merchant?

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