Flxpoint Announces New Source Integration with SKULabs

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 04:56 pm

Flxpoint users can now integrate with SKULabs, a powerful warehouse management system.

SKULabs is a solution for merchants who track inventory across multiple warehouses or need to break a single warehouse into multiple stock-keeping locations. SKULabs can also receive and return stock for any warehouse and transfer inventory between stock locations when needed.

SKULabs also offers inventory management features, including low stock alerts and the ability to search or scan to get an accurate count for a specific SKU.

With robust insights reporting, SKULabs also allows users to analyze picking and shipping speeds, postage costs, and per-item sales figures. You can break these metrics down by item, store, and more.

Once you’ve integrated SKULabs as a source on Flxpoint, our platform will pull product data, inventory, and pricing from your SKULabs account. Use Flxpoint as your hub to capture orders from multiple sales channels and sync those orders back to SKULabs to manage your owned inventory alongside other sources and services.

Flxpoint’s SKULabs integration supports the following operations:

  • Get Inventory:
    Retrieve both product content (such as variation structure) and product price, quantity, and status
  • Send Purchase Orders/Fulfillment Requests:
    Submit purchase orders or fulfillment requests for fulfillment
  • Get Shipments:
    Retrieve shipment data for orders that are processed and sync tracking information to your sales channel

Integrate SKULabs with Flxpoint to create a real-time dashboard capable of automating all of your ecommerce operations.

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