Product Performance & Supplier Fulfillment Reports Now Available

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 04:59 pm

We have added two new especially useful reports in Flxpoint – the Product Performance Report and the Supplier Fulfillment Report.

The Product Performance Report allows you to view valuable data related to the performance of certain products including the sales, profitability and cost associated with sold goods. You will be able to easily export these reports in an easily digestible format and filter by your Sources and Channels to give you a flexible look at your overall product performance, which can help you make vital business decisions.

We also have introduced the Supplier Fulfillment report, which is incredibly important when evaluating your product suppliers to compare in regards to number of Purchase Orders, number of orders voided and time it takes for each supplier to ship your customer’s orders.

And don’t forget about our Profitability Report! View and analyze the profitability of your orders across your suppliers and sales channels.

Take a closer look at the reports in our Flxpoint platform below.

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