New Features: Category Manager, Virtual Builder Enhancements and More!

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 05:12 pm

We have recently released more new features on the Flxpoint platform. Check them out below!

Category Manager

Ability to merge, organize, rename and add new categories for both virtual and listing products.

Virtual Builder Enhancements

New features to the Virtual Builder process including a new Virtual Builder Review Queue.

Invoice COGs Alerts

Adds the ability to be notified if the cost of goods is different on an invoice than the original PO.

Product Tagging

Adds the ability to tag products based on certain filters within the product catalog views.

PDF Purchase Order Template Builder

Adds the ability to send POs in a PDF template you can build around your supplier requirements.

Amazon Business Price/Quantity Discounts

Allows the ability to set volume discount pricing when listing products on Amazon Business.