Flxpoint Now Integrated With Miva Ecommerce Platform

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 04:56 pm

Flxpoint users can now integrate with Miva, a flexible, adaptable, and completely customizable ecommerce platform and shopping cart software.

Unlike many other ecommerce platforms, Miva is not a cookie-cutter solution. It’s also not labor-intensive—you can get started without needing a team of developers to build and manage your sales channel.

Digital transformation with Miva means you can have an idea today and see it become a reality tomorrow. It means your store is more intelligent, innovative, and agile than those of your competitors.

With Miva, you can make the most out of every customer visit with an engaging user interface, a streamlined path-to-purchase, and optimized checkout. Automation and support for all your critical back-office integrations helps your team work smarter, faster, and better than ever.

Why Flxpoint + Miva?

Combine Flxpoint with Miva to streamline supplier operations and sell on multiple platforms to boost sales, maximize average order value, and drive revenue growth. Flxpoint will serve as your complete ecommerce hub, allowing the rest of your business to run smoothly. 

Pull all of your inventory and orders into a single platform. Take advantage of Flxpoint’s ability to integrate with all of your sources and sales channels effortlessly. 

Eliminate the need for multiple solutions. Flxpoint’s advanced distributed order management capabilities allow you to optimize order routing by real-time costs, location, item specifications, and more.

Automate tasks to eliminate manual data entry. You can reduce the chance of human error and save countless hours with Flxpoint’s batch processing capabilities. 

Reconcile and report on sales profitability. Flxpoint can integrate with your accounting software, allowing you to map any invoice format and method to pull invoice data into the Flxpoint app directly. Then, without using spreadsheets or manual processes, automatically reconcile invoice costs to purchase orders and fulfillment requests.

Supported Operations

Flxpoint’s Miva integration supports the following operations:

  • Publish Products: This operation will publish any products you have queued to list on your Miva store.
  • Sync Products: This operation will sync any price, quantity, and status changes you make to product listings on your Miva channel. 
  • Get Orders: This operation will get any new orders from Miva that you have not imported and begin the fulfillment process. You can also send back purchase order acknowledgments if needed. 
  • Sync Orders: This operation will sync any order changes since the last product sync between Flxpoint and Miva. Specifically, this will send information such as tracking information, shipping information, and carrier information.

Want to learn more about our Miva integration and what Flxpoint can help you achieve?
Ask our team for a live demo of the Flxpoint platform tailored to your business needs. 

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