Introducing the New Flxpoint API

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 02:51 pm

The new Flxpoint API v2 makes it easier than ever to integrate into the Flxpoint platform.

Users and integrating partners can now build better and faster integrations to Flxpoint to automate almost any process.

Our API users and partners can build product catalogs, update inventory levels, get all product data for certain channels, retrieve fulfillment requests, send and get back shipment details, get real time order routing information and costs, and so much more!

We took an “API-first” approach with the new API, providing all the necessary endpoints and calls for our users and partners. This puts Flxpoint at the forefront of “headless commerce.”

“A big initiative of ours has been to empower customers that are working in a headless commerce ecosystem. With our new API, we’ve built the foundation to offer that – and we’re excited to continue growing it,” said Matt Myers, CTO of Flxpoint.

Features and benefits of our new Flxpoint API v2 include:

  • New “How To” guides for API integration help
  • Documentation updated in real time, so it’s never out-of-date
  • Field-level documentation
  • Consistent naming conventions
  • Capability to export API schema (OpenAPI Spec)
  • Compatible with OpenAPI Generator to create a client in your preferred language (Java, C++, Ruby, etc.)
  • Exposed operations for complex integration scenarios (almost all functionalities within Flxpoint are exposed and able to be manipulated via the Flxpoint API)

“We’ve been dealing with integrations for years, and we can relate to the pain of working with ambiguous or confusing integration docs,” continued Myers. “We’re putting emphasis on the API being intuitive to use in order to help our integrator get connected.”

If you are an existing Flxpoint user, view our API documentation below, and contact us if your team would like to use the new API.

If you are not a current Flxpoint user, and are interested in learning more about our API and the Flxpoint services, talk with an expert below!

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