International Shipping Solutions for Businesses: Package Forwarding Companies

Are you a business owner faced with the challenge of international shipping? Do you struggle to navigate customs and shipping regulations when offering products abroad? You are not alone. With the growth of e-commerce, customers and sellers must find innovative solutions for delivering products across international borders. Package forwarding companies provide businesses with an effective way of navigating global markets by streamlining cross-border purchases. Package forwarding services can help your business simplify and expand your operations overseas.

In today’s global economy, businesses need reliable and flexible international shipping solutions to remain competitive. Package forwarding companies are an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking for efficient and low-cost shipping methods to meet their customers’ needs. Businesses can save money on shipping costs by using a package forwarding service while still providing quality customer service by delivering goods securely and quickly across borders. Exploring the different package forwarding options available to business owners and what they need to know when selecting the best one for their company is essential. With this comprehensive guide in mind, you can better understand the complexities of international shipping surrounding your business operations, allowing you to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

When it comes to international shipping, there are many factors to consider. Businesses that need to ship packages or products overseas must take into account customs regulations, taxes, and the cost of shipping. Fortunately, several package forwarding companies can help businesses navigate these complexities and make international shipping easier. 

This blog post will discuss the advantages of using a package forwarding company for your business’s international shipping needs.

What is a Package Forwarding Company?

A package forwarding company is an intermediary service that connects customers with international shipping services. They provide customers with their address in the destination country and forward their packages to them from abroad. This allows businesses to avoid the hassle of dealing directly with customs regulations and other paperwork involved in international shipping. 

Moreover, these companies offer discounts on bulk orders and other special offers. The first step when using a package forwarding company is usually for the customer to choose their preferred provider and set up an account. Once this is done, they will be provided with an address in another country which can then be used for ordering items from other countries. Any packages received at this new address will then be packaged securely by staff at the forwarding company’s premises and shipped directly to their destination. 

Package forwarding companies offer an excellent solution for anyone looking to make international purchases without worrying about customs complications or spending too much on shipping costs. Thanks to their discounted rates on bulk orders and specialized services, they also make an excellent option for businesses who need fast access to products overseas while keeping expenses low. 

Furthermore, many of these companies offer additional services such as repackaging bulky items or combining multiple packages into one shipment to reduce overall cost – something which can be especially beneficial if you are dealing with multiple orders from different suppliers worldwide.

Advantages of Using a Package Forwarding Company

Shopping online often means international shipping, which can be frustratingly expensive and challenging to coordinate. Fortunately, there’s another route worth exploring: international parcel forwarding services. 

Using a package forwarding service can save businesses time and money regarding international shipping. By using a package forwarding company such as Ship7, international shoppers can purchase items from around the globe without dealing with international customs and taxes – not to mention these companies offer discounts on international shipping rates and can aggregate your purchases for even more cost savings! With these services making international shopping and delivery more accessible than ever, you can find that sought-after international item with confidence knowing the process will be simple and straightforward.

Here are some more details of the critical advantages of using one:

Cost Savings

As mentioned above, package forwarding companies often offer discounts on bulk orders, making them an economical choice for businesses looking to save money on their international shipments. They offer discounts on bulk orders and frequently provide other special offers that can make their services even more economical. By working with a package forwarding company, businesses can take advantage of lower shipping costs due to the package forwarding company’s ability to consolidate multiple shipments into one.

In addition, package forwarding companies may be able to negotiate better rates with couriers due to having a higher volume of orders. Furthermore, many offer automated tracking systems so businesses can keep an eye on their packages throughout the delivery process without needing extra staff or resources. By working with a package forwarding company, businesses can reduce their international shipping expenses while offering superior service and reliability.


Package forwarding companies often have faster delivery times than traditional shippers since they can bypass some of the processes involved in international shipping, such as customs clearance and documentation. This means that businesses can get their products delivered quickly and reliably. They often provide a faster delivery time than traditional shippers due to their ability to bypass specific processes in international shipping that would otherwise cause delays. Examples include the customs clearance, the process of declaring and verifying shipment contents, and customs documentation like declarations and permits. Clearance through these processes can take days or weeks, but with a package forwarding company, they can be expedited significantly.

Furthermore, package forwarders can access multiple carriers and select the fastest route for your shipment, thereby reducing transit time even further. Package forwarders have most likely already established relationships with customs officials in various countries, making navigating complex bureaucracies associated with international shipping easier. Package forwarder services provide several advantages that traditional shippers cannot access, such as faster delivery times, streamlined clearance and documentation processes, greater carrier variety, and better relationships with customs officials.


With a package forwarding company, you don’t have to worry about dealing with customs regulations or paperwork, as everything is handled by the company. This makes it much easier for businesses to send packages internationally without worrying about any issues. On top of that, package forwarding companies typically offer additional services such as consolidation (combining multiple packages into one) and repackaging (reducing the size and weight of a package). This way, customers can save money on their shipments by paying only the minimum amount required. In addition, they can also benefit from having access to exclusive discounts available only through these companies. 

Furthermore, most package forwarding companies provide a 24/7 customer support service in case customers need assistance with any issues they may have. Using a package forwarding company is a great way to ensure your packages arrive safely anywhere in the world – no matter how remote or far away it may be – while saving time and money. So if you’re looking for fast, secure, and reliable international shipping solutions, then using a package forwarding company is definitely worth considering!

How to find the right parcel forwarder?

Finding the right parcel forwarder is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Before selecting a parcel forwarding service, several key factors must be considered.

First, it’s essential to ensure that the parcel forwarding company can deliver worldwide. Many parcel forwarders have limited reach and deliver only to certain countries or areas. Make sure that the parcel forwarder you select can handle packages from your origin and destination country and any transit points in between.

Cost is another factor to consider when selecting a parcel forwarding service. Some companies may offer lower fees but charge extra for additional services like customs clearance or insurance coverage, so make sure you understand what costs are included before signing up with a particular provider. Similarly, look into whether the company charges by weight or size of the package, and ensure they don’t add on hidden fees at the end of the process. Ship7 offers free membership, storage, and handling for your packages. 

Finally, customer service should be a significant consideration when choosing a parcel forwarding company. Ask for reviews from current and past customers and look for online ratings from independent sources such as TrustPilot or Sitejabber before making your decision so that you know you’re getting quality help when it comes time to ship your package.

Consider adding parcel forwarders to your radar to solve your international shipping solution! By using a package forwarding company for your business’s overseas shipments, you can rest assured that your packages will arrive safely and quickly at their destination without any hassles or delays along the way! Ship7 will be an excellent fit for your international shipping needs!

This article is a guest post from Ilay Ayhan Turkmen, the Program Manager of Ship7. She oversees the fulfillment of larger organizational goals related to shop&ship, international shopping, international shipping, white label solutions for brands, and fulfillment with the last-mile distribution. She coordinates activities between multiple projects for the Ship7 brand under YouParcel. With a background in project management and experience in logistics, Ilay is an integral part of the Ship7 team. Her skillset allows her to oversee all aspects of fulfillment, from start to finish, internationally and domestically.

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