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Boost your marine sales and scale your marine business profitably with our powerful operations and automation capabilities.
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Top Reasons Marine Businesses Trust
Flxpoint for Retail Operations

  • Match products by UPC and MPN across marine distributors automatically
  • Drastically decrease your new marine product listing time & effort
  • Leverage our PIM functionality to better manage your marine product and attribution data
  • Auto-route orders to the most profitable fulfillment source within your marine fulfillment network
  • Quickly and easily kit & bundle your marine products
  • Automate every single edge case your ecommerce marine business runs into

A Few of Our Pre-Built Marine Integrations:

flxpoint cwr distribution
flxpoint seawide
flxpoint win-tron
flxpoint donavan marine

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“Using Flxpoint, we’ve been able to successfully react to the specific needs of each of our partners. It feels like there’s enough flexibility to determine a suitable workaround if they don’t want to do things a certain way.”

Daniel Taylor | Omnichannel Merchandiser, United by Blue

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