Fully Automate Your Kroll Inventory &
Order Management With Flxpoint

The Flxpoint platform is flexible and powerful enough to automate your firearms ecommerce business end-to-end.
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Flxpoint Helps Firearms Businesses:

1. Custom Route Online
FFL Orders

2. Hold/Split Orders by
State Restriction

3. Easily Integrate With 15+ Tactical Distributors

4. Get Integration and Automation Support 24/7

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Manage 2x the Orders with Half the Effort

Create better product listings faster

Quickly load your product catalog and build rules to merge, prioritize, verify, and improve product data from multiple sources to create accurate product listings.

Optimize fulfillment for profitability

Automatically send orders to your most profitable supplier or warehouse and carrier based on customizable rules you set to save on shipping costs and delivery time.

Truly automate, including invoices

Integrate and fully automate your dropship workflows with your traditional retail operations, including invoice reconciliation, from one central hub.

Easily Connect to All Your Platforms, Vendors, and Sales Channels







“We went from manually keying in and uploading the data for each product to WooCommerce—a time-intensive process—to using Flxpoint to upload a catalog of products in the same time it used to take us to upload a single product.”

Nicholas Jewell, CEO, Special Operations Supply

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