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B2B Reseller Portal

Give your resellers access to a white-labeled reseller portal to view products, download a product feed, configure payment settings, and more!
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Forget scouring emails and waiting by the phone to answer questions and take orders from your resellers. With an online portal that’s available 24/7, you have a quick and efficient way to disseminate information and capture orders from your resellers.

Offer greater accuracy by providing your most up-to-date product information through an automated data feed. Easily create multiple reseller channels to assign resellers to specific catalogs. If you provide different product information, each reseller will only receive the information that pertains to them when they login.

The Flxpoint Reseller Portal is designed to help you stay connected to your dealers. Once set up, resellers can:

Apply for Your Dropship Program

Use your reseller portal as a way to capture new resellers through an application process.

Access Program Information

Provide information on your dropship program, including how to contact you with questions.

View Application Status

Allow applicants to view the status of their application for your program (Pending, Denied, Approved, Active).

Browse Products & Custom Pricing

Provide a product catalog exclusively to your resellers in specific channels. They can search through your catalog to find what they’re looking for with the custom pricing you have set for their account.

Download a Product Feed

Provide a download of a regularly updated CSV file containing product content, quantity, and pricing data for your products.

Place Orders via Checkout or API

Inside the Reseller Portal, resellers can place an order for dropship or wholesale orders through a shopping cart checkout process or integrate via the API to send orders automatically.

Save Credit Cards

Resellers can save a credit card on file to be used for dropship and wholesale orders (powered by Stripe or Square). They can also configure “auto authorize” settings to approve payments for future orders.

Manage Orders

Resellers can log in to manage orders that are placed with you. Here, they can view order status, invoices, shipments, and more.

Export Functionalities

From the orders tab in your Reseller Portal, your resellers have the ability to export all their dropship and wholesale orders to CSV.

Provide your resellers the tools to help them do business. Reach out to our sales team for more information or to schedule a demo tailored to your business today.

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