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Increase your average order value while giving your customers the flexibility and customization they expect with Flxpoint's kitting and bundling feature.
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What is Kitting & Bundling?

Kitting and bundling is the process of grouping items together and selling them as a single, bundled product.

Where they differ is the products. Grouping usually-separate items creates a product kit, while combining multiple identical items creates a product bundling.

Creating product kits allows you to create additional listings for those products. When you also sell each product individually, you double your listing exposure. More exposure = more sales.

One potential downside to the product kitting and bundling process is the complexity it adds to your warehouse management, fulfillment center, and inventory and stock level management — but you can kit and bundle worry-free with Flxpoint.

Example Bundled Product:

Why Kit & Bundle?

The benefits of kitting and bundling can be advantageous to both B2C and B2B businesses for various reasons, including:

Boost your average purchase order value
Raise your average order value by bundling relevant single product items into a kit or offering bulk deals leading to larger sales.

Encourage potential customers to try new products
Sell more by bundling popular products together and create unique product offerings on your website.

Stand out on marketplaces
Build thoughtful bundles consisting of complementary products to expand your product mix and stand out from the crowd.

Simplify your product marketing strategy
Merge multiple product SKUs into a single SKU to combine various marketing campaigns into one.

Reduce shipping costs
Enable customers to buy complementary items as a single unit with a product kit, rather than purchasing individual items, lowering both your shipping and fulfillment cost.

How Flxpoint Supports Kitting & Bundling

Kitting and bundling with Flxpoint allows you to sell bundles and individual products simultaneously.

Never worry about not having the ability to fulfill a bundle order due to stockouts — Flxpoint automatically looks at the available quantity for each SKU and chooses the lowest quantity to determine the number of available bundles. This ensures all items of the bundle can be fulfilled.

Simply create a bundle within Flxpoint using your current products and let the software do the work for you, allowing you to meet your inventory management goals and maximize your profits by not losing out on vital sales.

To create a bundle in Flxpoint:

1. First, click “Create New Bundle” from the drop-down menu on your Virtual Variants page.

2. Create a unique SKU number and title for your bundle.

3. Choose your options and components.

4. Review and approve your new product variants to create the bundle.

5. Edit your product content (if desired), then build and publish your listing on your sales channel.

When a customer places an order...

When a customer places an order for a bundled variant, your purchase order will show the bundled items split into component SKUs (each single item).

Flxpoint uses the lowest quantity to determine available inventory. For example, if you’re selling a camping bundle and have 10 tents available, but only two sleeping bags, you would have two bundles available for purchase.

It’s that easy. If you’re not convinced, check out the video at the top of the page for an in-depth look at Kitting and Bundling in the Flxpoint app.

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