Customer Success Story

Discover how USA Made Dropship uses Flxpoint’s reseller portal to streamline their order processing, billing, and reconciling workflows.

“There were no systems out there to automatically calculate and bill our reseller shipping costs. Now with the Flxpoint, I can easily generate and bill custom shipping costs while managing all our resellers in one place.”

Frank Robinson, USA Made Dropship

Company Overview

USA Made Dropship has been in the clothing manufacturing business for over ten years. They are the official supplier of leggings and apparel to many high-profile websites and celebrities.

To help customers succeed in a highly competitive market, USA Made Dropship offers resellers an easy way to access high-quality print-on-demand items from Philadelphia, PA.

The Challenge

USA Made Dropship accepted orders from several channels and needed a way to manage orders coming in from dozens of resellers.

Their business model required the need to calculate and charge shipping automatically, and there was no way to do this with the third-party apps they used.

Invoicing resellers was also an issue. “There was nothing out there to manage our reseller billing the way we needed it to and it became a nightmare. We were weeks behind in billing, and then credit cards wouldn’t go through.”

The Solution

Flxpoint provides USA Made with a reseller portal with tools that optimize their workflow in order processing.

“With the Flxpoint Reseller Portal, I can do all the necessary tasks to manage our resellers and their orders in one place.”

With Flxpoint, they have a complete system that automatically generates invoices, charges stored credit cards, and is flexible enough to meet our custom workflows.

Now the USA Made Dropship team can manage reseller relationships within their portal, making it even easier to scale their dropshipping business.

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