the bike shop customer success story

The Bike Shop


Learn how the Bike Shop used Flxpoint’s features to bring multiple suppliers into one platform and make an old access database obsolete.
the bike shop customer success story

“With Flxpoint, it’s been great for us to bring multiple distributors into one platform and to be able to price up and assign different pricing scenarios to each distributor. We couldn’t do this before, and it was a handicap.”

Brian Reilly, The Bike Shop

Company Overview

The Bike Shop exists to provide customers with exceptional quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

Servicing the United States, Canada, and the world, The Bike Shop is the leading provider of bikes and bike parts. They carry over 50,000 items in their ecommerce store—the best in bicycles, cycling gear, bike accessories, and more.

The Challenge

The Bike Shop began when the team purchased a bicycle supply company out of bankruptcy.

The original owner had relationships with multiple suppliers who offered the same or similar products. To manage product data, they built an access database and used it to take one product, compare prices by each distributor, and upload it manually to their sales platform.

The Bike Shop team quickly realized that the database had significant limitations, which weighed on the team’s productivity.

Without a system for managing pricing rules, the team had to manually configure pricing for each source and sales channel.

“The access database was always crashing. It was very hard to work with, so we were looking for a solution that integrated with BigCommerce and found Flxpoint.”

The Solution

The Bike Shop joined the Flxpoint platform for easy supplier data integrations, but also to gain the ability to customize pricing across sources and channels.

Customer acquisition and order fulfillment costs vary from channel to channel, so they do not subscribe to a flat pricing model. They use Flxpoint’s pricing rules to configure each channel to meet and exceed their sales goals.

Now, their old access database is collecting dust. The Bike Shop continues to enjoy the convenience of maintaining a central product catalog with Flxpoint.

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