pure modern living customer success story

Pure Modern Living


Learn how Pure Modern Living leverages Flxpoint’s complex order routing capabilities and product information management features to streamline their ecommerce operations.
pure modern living customer success story

“We began to realize that we really needed more automation functions because we were doing so many things manually. There had to be a better solution.”

Shannon Johnson, Owner

Company Overview

Pure Modern Living is an online health food store that provides customers with wholesome, natural, and chemical-free food and household products.

Founded by individuals who care about the quality of products that they supply their family, Pure Modern Living offers organic baby brands, supplements, food options, natural skincare products, pet care supplies, and more.

Today, Pure Modern Living has grown into a successful brand offering over 25,000 products that promote overall wellness.

The Challenge

In the beginning, the Pure Modern Living team manually placed their customers’ orders in their supplier’s reseller portal. They quickly realized that, as their business grew, placing orders this way was taking up time they needed to allocate to other tasks.

So, the company turned to Inventory Source for their inventory and order automation needs. This was sufficient for a while, but over the next 12 to 15 months, they experienced tremendous growth.

As Pure Modern Living continued to scale, they discovered a need to create complex routing rules.

While Inventory Source allowed them to create proximity-based routing rules, those weren’t applicable in all scenarios. Soon, they were processing 75 to 150 orders a day and then manually selecting where to send them—they had to find a way to use that time more efficiently.

“We began to realize that we really needed more automation functions because we were doing so many things manually. There had to be a better solution,” said Shannon Johnson, Owner.

The Solution

With Flxpoint, the Pure Modern Living team can now automate and optimize their order routing to dropship suppliers by real-time costs, location, item specifics, and more.

Flxpoint offers them additional options for improving product data and categorizing products, which makes it easier to manage their growing catalog. The Pure Modern Living team also sought to streamline all aspects of their ecommerce operation, including invoice and purchase order management.

“With Flxpoint, the idea and concept that we could potentially open an order and see just about everything we need to see for that specific order was definitely a huge draw,” said Shannon.

Flxpoint allows them to automatically reconcile invoices to purchase orders without manual processes, solving the problem of having to look in multiple places for order information.

As Pure Modern Living grows, Shannon and her team continue to use Flxpoint to optimize order routing, improve product data, and see the bigger picture.

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