pro sportsman customer success story

Pro Sportsman


Learn how Pro Sportsman uses Flxpoint to maintain competitive pricing while meeting margin expectations so their business can continue to thrive in the outdoor industry.
pro sportsman customer success story

“My favorite part about Flxpoint is the people. Your team is really outstanding. Your people know their product. They’re fast, quick, and efficient.”

Aaron Fogleman, Chief Operating Officer

Company Overview

Pro Sportsman, LLC is a privately held company that owns and operates a variety of ecommerce websites in the outdoor categories, including, as well as a premier archery and FFL storefront in Wellsville, Pennsylvania.

From its launch in 2006, was a pioneer website that serviced the archery market right as ecommerce was becoming a more common means of purchasing outdoor consumer products.

Pro Sportsman also operates a variety of ecommerce marketplace storefronts, including eBay, Amazon, and Gun Broker.

The Challenge

At the beginning of 2022, the Pro Sportsman team pivoted entirely to the dropship fulfillment model. While they saw immediate success with dropshipping, rapidly scaling created growing pains that quickly became big problems.

With an expanding product catalog, it was impossible to manage price effectively and make a profit across all of the company’s sales channels. Because none of their systems communicated, they couldn’t accurately report where items were sold, where the products were from, or what they paid for them.

The company was losing money due to pricing mistakes and lack of data visibility, so they needed a complete ecommerce operations solution quickly. The team’s focus shifted to clearing out in-house inventory and investing in technology to address issues related to dropshipping and automate most of their business processes.

The Solution

With Flxpoint, Pro Sportsman is closer to calculating accurate profit margins across multiple inventory sources and sales channels. They can also intelligently route orders based on proximity to their customers, product dimensions, shipping costs, and more.

The most significant selling point was wrapping estimated costs such as dropship fees and shipping costs into automated product pricing. With order fulfillment and customer acquisition costs varying by channel, the Pro Sportsman needed to employ channel-specific pricing rules to find the right profit-volume ratio.

They were able to make these improvements while cutting down on other resources. “As part of the pivot, we reduced our staff relatively significantly. Especially in the customer service area,” said Aaron Fogleman, Chief Operating Officer at Pro Sportsman. “We were able to reduce staffing by 50%.”

But what does the Pro Sportsman team love most about Flxpoint? The people.

“The team is really outstanding,” said Fogleman. “I have not yet talked to somebody that’s stupid. I’ve not yet talked to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

“I’ve never been happier with a product later than I was when signing the contract. I really like Flxpoint and the people behind the product.”

Moving forward, the Pro Sportsman team will lean on Flxpoint to maintain competitive pricing while meeting margin expectations so their business can continue to thrive in the outdoor industry.

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