oletti customer success story



Learn how Oletti adopted Flxpoint as their sole ecommerce operations platform to launch a marketplace for high-end furniture and interior design brands.
oletti customer success story

“Integrating with Shopify vendors is a piece of cake. We use Flxpoint to extract products from our vendors’ backend and push the information to our sales platform. We’re really happy with Flxpoint. It works seamlessly.”


Max Blijham, Head of Operations at Oletti

Company Overview

Oletti, an online outlet for overstock home and living products based in the Netherlands, brings together interior enthusiasts and brands. Oletti’s founders built the marketplace on a simple concept: “Inspire and be inspired with many interior brands in one place.”

With a wide range of products, styles, vendors, and a community-based marketplace platform, they seek to offer customers a more personalized shopping experience. Interior aficionados, brands, designers can trade advice and inspiration that customers would expect from a high-end furniture store.

Oletti stands out in the crowd for retailers because of its dedication to its partners. At Oletti, interior brands can easily create online outlet stores and immediately begin offering home goods to a broad customer base.

The Challenge

Oletti’s founders developed their outlet furniture marketplace concept before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it quickly came to fruition thanks to a rise in ecommerce furniture sales. The pandemic drove many people to begin buying furniture online instead of going to furniture stores in person. Suddenly, there was a massive demand for online interior products, as people put more effort into their interior design.

With the dropship marketplace business model in mind, the Oletti team began to search for an ecommerce software solution that would allow them to integrate with multiple dropship brands and vendors.

“We tried a Shopify plugin first, but their support was horrible, and everything was manual. You couldn’t customize anything,” said Jerome Hompes of Oletti (Strategic Design).

The goal was a platform that would automate the process of seamlessly incorporating up-to-date product and inventory data into the Oletti marketplace.

The Solution

Oletti quickly saw the value in Flxpoint’s ability to onboard vendors faster, thanks to pre-built connectors and intelligent ecommerce automation tools.

“The easier the onboarding process, the easier it is to convince a brand to join us. If the onboarding process is difficult and takes too much time, they have less incentive to sell on Oletti. With Flxpoint, we can take that off their hands,” said Jerome.

With Flxpoint as their central ecommerce operations platform, the Oletti team can more easily manage their marketplace. “Integrating with Shopify vendors is a piece of cake,” said Oletti’s Max Blijham. “We use Flxpoint to integrate directly with brands’ Shopify stores, extract product data, and push the information to our sales platform.”

The team was also looking for a solution to efficiently manage orders and invoice many vendors from a central location. “Our goal is to keep everything within Flxpoint—it is easier with all of our vendor data in one place,” said Michiel van de Water, head of partnerships at Oletti.

Most of Oletti’s brands integrate via Shopify or XML file feed and take advantage of Flxpoint’s Vendor Portal for additional product information and order management features. The portal allows Oletti’s vendors to provide rich product data, sync inventory, fulfill POs, communicate tracking information, and incorporate invoice data in a single location.

Oletti can access all of the data they need to reconcile and report on sales profitability in real-time by using Flxpoint as their operations hub. With this information easily accessible, they can make smarter business decisions, faster.

Ecommerce adoption continues to shift more quickly than it did pre-COVI9-19. As online demand for furniture and other interior products grows, Oletti can further expand its marketplace business with Flxpoint. The team appreciates Flxpoint’s dedication to keeping stakeholders aligned with a more open product roadmap and feature release process.

“We’re thrilled with Flxpoint. It works seamlessly,” said Blijham. “We appreciate that the Flxpoint team takes a look at the features we request and actually implements them when it makes sense.”

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