mindful customer success story



Learn how Mindful became a leader in the adult products industry when it comes to building an online retail brand.

“Where we have seen Flxpoint help a lot is in reducing shipping costs, but also just reducing the manual work from our customer service team by not having to login and manage nearly as many orders.”

Davie, Head of Operations, Mindful

Company Overview

Mindful is a leader in the adult toy industry when it comes to building an online retail brand. With a focus on being one of the best in service and supplying a huge collection of 3,000+ quality products, they have risen in the ranks to serve thousands of customers each month.

The Challenge

Mindful was previously using ChannelAdvisor to connect their supply chain to their sales channels; however, they were facing major challenges in automating their fulfillment processes. Although ChannelAdvisor is known for their listing capabilities, they realized that supplier integrations and fulfillment logic was severely lacking and their key workflows were suffering.

Limited by the inability to easily add multiple suppliers as fulfillment sources, the Mindful team was stuck with fulfilling all orders from one east coast distributor leaving them with high shipping costs and slow delivery times.  

In addition to integration issues, they didn’t have an easy solution to programmatically avoid split orders, so their team spent hours manually modifying orders to ship from a single location when possible.

Faced with expensive custom development fees to connect their other suppliers, they started looking for an alternative platform that makes supplier integrations simple and is flexible enough to support their custom workflows… they found Flxpoint.

The Solution

Mindful joined the Flxpoint platform for the turn-key integrations into their existing suppliers, but fell in love with the platform for the order routing capabilities and the seamless product listing process.

Now equipped with multiple fulfillment vendors and intelligent routing rules, the Mindful team was able to configure order routing rules to optimize the fulfillment for cost and speed while taking time intensive tasks off their customer service team.

“Previously when an order came in, it would be put on hold so our team could login and check if our other distributors had it in stock and if we should order from there. Now with Flxpoint, we can automatically route to the cheapest supplier without having a team member manually logging in and checking.”

Flxpoint in many cases instantly took an order that would typically route shipping zone 8 and allow it to route shipping zone 4. 

Order management was not the only area Mindful was able to improve their operations. Prior to implementing Flxpoint, they were manually uploading products to Shopify and connecting back to ChannelAdvisor. Once Flxpoint was implemented, they were able to easily map their products across multiple distributors and push the products directly up to Shopify, making it a much more seamless and streamlined process. 

Now that Mindful has made the transition to Flxpoint, their business is growing faster than ever and without the manual processes and effort slowing them down.

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