Discount Bowling Supply

Discount Bowling Supply was founded in 2010, selling all bowling equipment including bowling balls, bags, shoes, and accessories. It started as an ecommerce business on eBay and has since expanded to Amazon, Walmart, and two Shopify stores. The company has customers worldwide and around 300-400 orders a day. As a global business with expanding sales channels, consumer base and fulfillment options, Flxpoint is a core piece of  tech stack to support this growth.


Switched From: Ecomdash + Shopify Apps

Order Volume: 130,000+ 

Sales Channels: Amazon, Shopify, eBay

SKUs: 40,000+


“In my eyes, automation is the future, and in order to grow a business, you need automation these days. You can’t sit there and hire employees to manually email over 300-400 orders a day. It just doesn’t make sense.”


Managing a rapidly growing business with multiple sales channels, consumer base, and fulfillment options was becoming increasingly challenging for Discount Bowling Supply. The manual process of entering orders, checking inventory levels, and
entering tracking information was taking up asignificant amount of time and leaving room for human error.


Discount Bowling Supply found Flxpoint, a core piece of technology that helps support the company’s growth. With Flxpoint’s automation, the company was able to save time and focus on growth and customer support.


Before Flxpoint, Discount Bowling Supply was using a combination of manual processes and separate apps to manage inventory. However, the setup was not efficient and had significant limitations. They evaluated multiple other systems before deciding to move forward with Flxpoint. During the onboarding process, Flxpoint helped set up the company’s dropshipping inventory, warehouse locations, and manage the SKU overlap between owned and dropshipped inventory.


Flxpoint has helped Discount Bowling Supply eliminate human error, reduce time spent on manual processes, and improve inventory management. The company now spends less time on daily tasks, freeing up time to focus on growth and customer support. The automation of the ordering process has resulted in a significant reduction in human error, leading to a better customer experience and a 99% positive feedback rating from Amazon and eBay.

“One of the most important things to our business is our ratings. Our business actually has a 99% positive feedback rating from Amazon and eBay. This is what differentiates us from competitors and gives our customers the most confidence and best overall experience. With Flxpoint’s automation, we are able to better service our customers, and that is clearly reflected in our ratings.”


Flxpoint has helped Discount Bowling Supply streamline its business operations and achieve significant improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company’s decision to move forward with Flxpoint has paid off, allowing the business to focus on growth and provide better service to its customers.

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