cozy farm customer success story

Cozy Farm


Learn how Cozy Farm effectively scaled its ecommerce business by using Flxpoint as its total retail operations platform.
cozy farm customer success story

“Flxpoint improves our core procedure and makes it possible for a single person to manage our entire order chain. We’re able to cut the time it takes to manage orders by at least 70%.”

Francesca Dalboni, Owner, Cozy Farm

Company Overview

The founders of Cozy Farm grew up in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, which is considered the food capital of Italy. They were more than attentive when choosing what to put on their tables and what to use in their homes, however, their local supermarket and the few natural stores in their area couldn’t match their expectations–not even close.

So, they started Cozy Farm, a family-owned online organic grocery and natural products store. They supply quality foods, personal care, and household products at a convenient price right to their customer’s doorsteps.

The Challenge

Initially, the Cozy Farm team started with a US Direct to Amazon integration using Inventory Source, a dropship software platform for beginner ecommerce retailers. This allowed them to get straight to selling products instead of going the traditional route of starting a website and scaling it from scratch.

As orders begin to pick up and Cozy Farm expanded its catalog, product information management and listing creation became more difficult. This was a substantial issue on Amazon, as Amazon has strict regulations related to product matching. More products created more room for error and a more significant risk of suspended listings, which was detrimental to a marketplace retailer.

It became clear that Cozy Farm could no longer source from the middleman but needed to get products straight from the source—which led them to form a direct relationship with Honest Green, their primary grocery and wellness product supplier.

Inventory Source didn’t allow for the product modification the Cozy Farm team needed to scale, so they made the leap to Flxpoint.

The Solution

Making the decision to switch to Flxpoint was an easy one. “From being an Inventory Source customer, we already had a great relationship with the people at Flxpoint and knew it was a serious company,” said Francesca Dalboni, Cozy Farm’s owner. “When you have a reliable partner, you want to keep them. So, going with Flxpoint was the right thing to do.”

With Flxpoint’s product information management features, Cozy Farm can verify and improve product data to create better product listings. They also enjoy total control over the entire order process.

“We save a huge amount of time now on tasks such as matching products and tracking orders,” said Dalboni. “Flxpoint improves our core procedure and makes it possible for a single person to manage our entire order chain. We’re able to cut the time it takes to manage orders by at least 70%.”

Cozy Farm has experienced firsthand that the key to success in ecommerce is having a product catalog that is complete, up to date, and reliable. To make a living, you need a high volume of orders. “With Flxpoint backing our catalog, we saw a major change. We increased our monthly sales by 5-6x.”

With less time spent putting out fires related to manual product and order management, the Cozy Farm team can focus on the future. Now, they have the order volume and capital required to finally invest in their website and increase sales through other channels. Who knows, maybe they’ll also consider expanding to include in-house fulfillment. Thanks to Flxpoint’s continually evolving product roadmap, they know who to turn to when exploring what’s next.

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