armor empire customer success story

Armor Empire


Learn how Armor Empire’s owner used Flxpoint to carve out a niche for high-quality tactical products and develop a fully automated dropship program.
armor empire customer success story

“When I first launched the site, I was uploading CSV files from companies every week to manage inventory. As soon as I saw Flxpoint with its ability to automate inventory and also manage dealers, the sky was the limit for me.”

Eric Stanton, CEO, Armor Empire

Company Overview

Armor Empire (formerly Marine One Tactical) is a veteran-owned and managed outdoor, military, and law enforcement supplier.

As one of the largest online retailers of outdoor, survival, military, and tactical gear, they strive to provide customers with the best quality products at the lowest prices.

Armor Empire proudly hires veterans, and its variety of employees represents all five branches of the military and former law enforcement officers.

The Challenge

When the owner of Armor Empire, Eric Stanton, saw the opportunity to tap into a specialized market for tactical equipment, he immediately set to work looking for dropship manufacturers to build his ecommerce business.

The demand for outdoor, survival, and military products was there, but additional suppliers’ onboarding was labor-intensive and time-consuming.

“When I first launched the site, I was uploading CSV files from companies every week to manage inventory,” said owner Eric Stanton.

Stanton also spent time updating and optimizing incomplete supplier data, which diverted his attention from other valuable tasks. There was no time to manage the business and create symbiotic relationships with new suppliers.

The Solution

Stanton was trying to carve out a niche for tactical equipment, and he needed a back-end system to support the suppliers. He found that system in Flxpoint.

Stanton can now use Flxpoints mapping templates to customize and improve the data he retrieves from suppliers. And the vendor portal is there for suppliers to view new orders and upload tracking information, which makes his work “100% percent easier.”

“Flxpoint simplifies everything for me. It trims your staff. Now, it’s just me. I could literally run this whole website with Flxpoint and an assistant, and that’s it.”

With the help of Flxpoint, Stanton continues to onboard new suppliers and offer in-demand products to Armor Empire customers. He hopes to build his dropship program with Flxpoint’s reseller portal, which will give him the ability to provide access to resellers who can place orders within the platform.

As Stanton says, with Flxpoint, “the sky is the limit for me,” and we can’t wait to see where his ecommerce business goes from here!

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