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Integrations With:

“We have complex dropshipping needs that require an individualized approach for each of our licensee partners.
The Flxpoint team has been able to assess and execute the best solutions, from complex EDI integrations to utilizing the Flxpoint Vendor Portal for onboarding new vendors quicker and with less work involved.”
Laurie Mucciolo
“We were missing dropship capabilities and we wanted a solution that could be automated and scale with us as we grow, that’s where Flxpoint comes in for us.”
Dorian Aites
“We went from manually keying in and uploading the data for each product to WooCommerce—a time-intensive process—to using Flxpoint to upload a catalog of products in the same time it used to take us to upload a single product.”
Ryan Willging Special Operations Supply
“With Flxpoint, it’s been great for us to bring multiple distributors into one platform and to be able to price up and assign different pricing scenarios to each distributor. We couldn’t do this before, and it was a handicap.”
Brian Reilly The Bike Shop
“Where we have seen Flxpoint help a lot is in reducing shipping costs, but also just reducing the manual work from our customer service team by not having to login and manage nearly as many orders.”
Davie Mindful

Supplier Data Integrations

Simply connect your supplier data integrations with our “no code” mapping tool, dedicated team of EDI/API developers, or our directory of 250+ pre-built supplier integrations.

Product Information Management

A modern PIM built for automating the sourcing and controlling the data for thousands of products across multiple suppliers and data sources.

Multi-Channel Management

Sell everywhere your customers are shopping with in-sync inventory and “data push” functionality for custom pricing, categories, and attributes across multiple sales channels.

Distributed Order Management

Automate and optimize your order routing to your multiple dropship suppliers and warehouses by real time costs, location, item specifics and more.

Inventory Availability

Easily maintain up-to-date and accurate inventory availability across a;; your multiple suppliers, warehouses, and sources of inventory.

Invoice & Accounting Automation

Automate the back office admin work by integrating invoices to reconcile and report on profitability while syncing with your accounting system.

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