The Modern Merchant ft. Matt Smith, President of Prevail Ventures

Last updated on February 26th, 2024 at 10:34 am


In this episode of The Modern Merchant podcast, host Travis Mariea, CEO of Flxpoint, interviews Matt Smith, President of Prevail Ventures, an e-commerce company focused on the outdoor and hunting gear industries.

Prevail Ventures Background

Prevail Ventures started out selling archery equipment online and has since expanded its product catalog to include outdoor gear, pet supplies, equestrian products, and home goods. Though Prevail had a brick-and-mortar retail store in the past, they now focus exclusively on e-commerce sales through their own website as well as sales on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Prevail is working on launching a new website called Prime Assortment that will offer an even wider range of products beyond just outdoor and hunting categories.

Leveraging E-commerce Technology and Partnerships

A key part of Prevail’s strategy is leveraging e-commerce technologies and partnerships to efficiently manage a large product catalog across multiple sales channels. For example, Prevail has built custom tools to streamline product data flows and has partnered with solutions like Flxpoint to centralize inventory and orders. Prevail also focuses on developing strong relationships with brands by helping them with inventory management, pricing strategies, and protecting their products from unauthorized resellers.

Evolution of Outdoor/Hunting Industry Towards E-commerce

The outdoor and hunting industries have traditionally been more rooted in brick-and-mortar retail. However, Matt explains that e-commerce activity, especially on marketplaces like Amazon, has grown rapidly in recent years. Though in-store shopping still plays an important role, more outdoor brands and retailers are beginning to embrace omnichannel models. As a passionate hunter himself, Matt remains invested in the success of independent retailers but believes e-commerce will continue gaining significant market share thanks to convenience, product selection, and innovative customer service offerings.

Focus on Customer Relationships and Brand Partnerships

Unlike some e-commerce retailers that focus strictly on sales velocity and profit margins, Prevail Ventures places a high priority on customer service and brand partnerships based on trust and transparency. For example, Prevail provides free shipping on all orders to reduce friction and improve customer loyalty. And by working closely with brands, Prevail can provide exclusive products and pricing as an authorized online seller. These types of customer-centric differentiators will be key as competition continues heating up.

Promising Future for E-commerce Innovation

With major recent investments in proprietary technologies and the upcoming launch of their Prime Assortment website, Prevail Ventures has an optimistic outlook on the growth runway for e-commerce. Expanding into new outdoor-adjacent categories like automotive accessories and the overall rise of online shopping post-pandemic signal a strong future. However, Matt acknowledges e-commerce will continue rapidly evolving, so strategies must adapt quickly to new market conditions and customer expectations.


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