Selling Apparel & Fashion With Flxpoint

Learn how Flxpoint can help your apparel and fashion business with our powerful automation features.
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Flxpoint’s Powerful Automation Capabilities:

  • Auto-Link Products by UPC/MPN Across Multiple Distributors
  • Customize and Optimize Product Data
  • Custom Order Routing Workflows
  • Kitting & Bundling Feature
  • Pre-Built Integrations With Top Distributors

Pre-Built Integrations With:

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flxpoint creation watches
flxpoint cc wholesale clothing
flxpoint richard cannon jewelry

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“We have complex dropshipping needs that require an individualized approach for each of our licensee partners. The Flxpoint team has been able to assess and execute the best solutions, from complex EDI integrations to utilizing the Flxpoint Vendor Portal for onboarding new vendors quicker and with less work involved.”

Laurie Mucciolo,

Does your apparel & fashion business need ecommerce automation?