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Vendor Portal

The Vendor Portal allows vendors the ability to connect directly into your Flxpoint account to upload and manage inventory, purchase orders, shipment tracking information and invoices.
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The Flxpoint Vendor Portal allows your vendors the ability to connect directly into your Flxpoint account to upload and manage inventory, purchase orders, shipment tracking information and invoices.

As an extension to the Flxpoint app, you will be given a subdomain along with a login for your vendors to easily access your Vendor Portal.

Flxpoint users will use this feature when their vendors don’t have automation capabilities, typically smaller suppliers or distributors, as a great way to supply you with all the inventory and order data you need in a manual fashion.

Vendor Portal Functionalities

Product Data/Inventory

On the left-hand side of the Vendor Portal, the first tab you will see is Products. Here, your vendors are able to manage their products that get pushed into your Flxpoint account.

They will be able to see any inventory they have uploaded as well as click into any individual products to view the data they are providing you.

In the top right-hand corner, you will see an Action button for Inventory Upload. Your vendor will be able to upload their product data as well as inventory or pricing updates directly within the Vendor Portal.

Purchase Orders

Of course, once they provide you with your product data and inventory information, you will want to provide your vendors with a place for them to manage your Purchase Orders (POs).

On the left-hand side you will find the Orders tab. Here, they can view and manage all of the POs you push to them once you receive an order ready to be fulfilled.

They will be able to view all PO statuses on that screen and have the ability to “acknowledge” the orders, so you are aware they have received the PO as it’s preparing for fulfillment.

A really beneficial feature we have provided your vendors is the ability to bulk export your POs and customize the file that will be exported. For example, you are able to drag and drop different columns in the order you would like them to appear in the file as well as the ability to create different export templates.

In the individual PO, we provide your vendor with everything they need in order to fulfill and manage your order including the ability to cancel an order or download a packing slip and shipping label.

Your vendor also has the ability to upload shipment tracking information in bulk by clicking the Shipment Upload Action button in the top right-hand corner. Here, they can easily download the template and upload the file back, which will then automatically update the shipment tracking information in your Flxpoint account.

We also provide the ability to send notifications to an email when a new PO is ready to be fulfilled in the Settings tab.


A lot of Flxpoint users like to utilize the Vendor Portal invoices feature in order to gain better insight into their profitability and view detailed reports on their Flxpoint account.

We provide an Invoice Upload Action button to allow vendors a place to easily upload their invoices to give you a place to view all this information that will automatically link to the given PO and sync back into your Flxpoint account.

This can be accessed on the Invoice tab on the left-hand side.

Allow Vendors to Connect Directly Into Your Flxpoint Account

By utilizing the Flxpoint Vendor Portal, you are enabling vendors the ability to connect into your Flxpoint account when they don’t have the automation capabilities that other suppliers may have.

They are able to provide the products and the product data you’re given access to, fulfill their specific POs you send to them, send back tracking information and invoice data all in one place that will sync directly into your Flxpoint account! Interested in learning more about the Vendor Portal? Talk with an expert today!

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