the wildflower group customer success story

The Wildflower Group


Learn how Flxpoint’s centralized product catalog and easy-to-use mapping templates allow The Wildflower Group to manage complex inventory management workflows effortlessly.
the wildflower group customer success story

“With Flxpoint, you can easily transform data as it flows through the platform, into your supplier network, and back the other way. Once you learn how to use it, Flxpoint is like using Photoshop over Microsoft Paint.”


Matt Bonaccorso, The Wildflower Group Consultant

Company Overview

The Wildflower Group is an award-winning, full-service licensing and consulting agency that provides best-in-class product collaborations and extensions for well-known brands such as Motortrend, Discovery Channel, Unilever, Peanuts, and others. They offer strategic partnership planning and licensing sales, in addition to marketing, creative, legal, and financial support for its clients.

The Wildflower Group also offers comprehensive ecommerce services and solutions for branded online stores, including store build, product sourcing, management, marketing, and optimization. The company has been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in retail sales for brands spanning the art, entertainment, publishing, and corporate worlds.

The Challenge

The Wildflower Group’s ecommerce services and solutions division manages hundreds of thousands of SKUs—housed in many places. While they were successfully building and managing ecommerce stores for several national brands, the team didn’t know their inventory. The reliability of their data suffered, and they couldn’t compute their profitability per item on each order, let alone transaction.

The company’s previous solution worked initially, but they quickly noticed that it was a static platform. Without a service committed to continuous development, The Wildflower Group promptly outgrew its previous software’s functionality. So, they set out to find a replacement.

Their feature wishlist was robust. With complex client needs, the The Wildflower Group team needed a solution that provided flexible customization and the capability to manipulate data by channel. With multiple internal warehouses and several dropship partners, they also needed to split orders and route them to the appropriate source.

Many of The Wildflower Group’s products are print-on-demand, and if a supplier were to run out of a specific SKU, that might suddenly affect thousands of products across ecommerce platforms. Someone would have to search for the affected SKU in each store’s catalog and manually mark listings as drafts. They manually separated products in their warehouse and rebalanced the SKUs every other month, which led to stockouts and other customer support issues.

The Solution

After lengthy research and several interviews with product managers and sales representatives, The Wildflower Group turned to Flxpoint to address their specific inventory management needs. They were impressed by the Flxpoint sales team’s ability to speak to how Flxpoint differs from other platforms accurately.

“Scott [Flxpoint Solution Consultant] fairly represented what Flxpoint was and didn’t oversell it,” said Matt Bonaccorso, a consultant for The Wildflower Group. “It’s easy to say you can do everything to make the sale, but he was honest and straightforward throughout the process.”

Using Flxpoint, The Wildflower Group’s team can go in at the user level and create rules to modify and transform product data in the way that works best for them. They can customize the platform to their specific needs without hiring an expensive developer.

Flxpoint’s secret sauce lies in it a centralized product catalog combined with mapping template functionality. “You can easily transform data as it flows through the platform, into your supplier network, and back the other way, which is huge,” said Bonaccorso.

“Once you learn how to use it, Flxpoint is like using Photoshop over Microsoft Paint.”

From updating quantity and pricing data to capitalizing fields and indicating that products are print-on-demand, Flxpont makes it easy to manipulate desired data per sales channel. With bulk listing customization and imports, The Wildflower Group can update its virtual catalog and push channel-specific data to multiple stores, thus eliminating stockouts and other customer support issues.

“Flxpoint’s speed is just faster than anything I’ve seen. The ability to instantly sort tens of thousands of SKUs is hands down miles and miles above the functionality we had before,” said Bonaccorso.

With Flxpoint, The Wildflower Group was able to eliminate frantically updating product quantities and other data across channels. If a supplier runs of out a product, it’s as simple as taking a SKU number and creating a filter at the product level to pull all of the affected products from the corresponding sales channels.

Flxpoint is solving manual processes that take actual people days to complete. Automating even the smallest of tasks adds up, which can easily save a day of a person’s time and prevent the need to hire an employee during a growth stage. “Flxpoint is worth a person at least in the first six months, which is more than the cost we’re paying for the platform,” said Bonaccorso.

“Flxpoint has saved The Wildflower Group at least a day’s worth of time per week across operational, customer service, and other manual processes. It’s hard to compare before and after because of the understanding we’ll have of the business now versus what we had before—we didn’t know what we didn’t know.”

Moving forward, The Wildflower Group is looking forward to continued development and is excited about Flxpoint’s new owned inventory feature set. Now, they can manage products inside the Flxpoint app instead of creating products in Shopify first and pulling them in.

According to Bonaccorso, “From a platform perspective, Flxpoint is mature enough to take a company from a cute little ecommerce company to a real player in the industry.”

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