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SImpli Pleasure


Learn how automating their inventory management with Flxpoint allowed Simpli Pleasure to reduce any manual effort and optimize their order fulfillment strategies.

“The biggest ROI for us is getting out of the manual phase we were in and essentially having some automation with Flxpoint.”

Justin Shaak, Simpli Pleasure

Company Overview

Since 2014, Simpli Pleasure has aimed to challenge society’s long-held taboo of adult products by dropshipping sex toys and accessories.

Simpli realized early on that starting an online adult products business had some clear advantages over building a physical store. They seized the opportunity to go digital and offer exclusive benefits in terms of privacy and accessibility by providing adult products through an ecommerce site.

What started as a team selling from a Cosco table in Bali has grown into a successful online brand that openly promotes sexual wellness while maintaining discretion for its customers.

The Challenge

Backed by venture capital investment and a talented core team, Simpli grew quickly.

Suddenly, they had a slew of dropshipping suppliers and an army of customer care representatives that would manually process order fulfillment.

To manage orders flowing through a 15,000 square foot warehouse and multiple dropship suppliers, Simpli hired a developer to create a fulfillment app.

For a while, the process worked. However, cracks started to develop as they identified limitations within their tech stack. Most of the time, the app would route orders correctly, but it was up to the staff to fulfill orders manually when it didn’t.

Most of the time wasn’t good enough.

“When you have 500 orders a day managed by four customer care reps, it gets tough,” said Justin Shaak.

They refused to place all of their eggs in one basket and decided to search for another solution to connect their supply chain to their sales channel.

Ultimately, they decided, “we need a better way to do this.”

The Solution

When looking for a replacement for an overwhelmed developer and insufficient order management, Simpli Pleasure found Flxpoint.

When a customer orders a product that Simpli Pleasure doesn’t have in their warehouse, Flxpoint automatically routes orders to the appropriate suppliers through distributed order management.

“The biggest ROI for us is getting out of the manual phase we were in and essentially having some automation.”

Automating their inventory management with Flxpoint has allowed Simpli Pleasure to reduce the manual effort involved and optimize their order fulfillment strategies.

The customer care team that used to spend all day routing orders now focuses on high-value tasks that lived on the backburner, such as responding to customer reviews and auditing invoices.

Plus, they enjoy the 24/7 support and dedicated customer success manager offered by Flxpoint, versus chasing down an unreliable developer when there’s an issue.

With Flxpoint, the Simpli Pleasure team now has more time to pinpoint better ways to do business and focus on scaling their brand.

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