saybine customer success story



Learn how Saybine navigated the complexities involved in onboarding and managing relationships with multiple vendors more efficiently using Flxpoint’s Vendor Portal.
saybine customer success story

“We’re a very small team, and, from that perspective, Flxpoint was amazing. I’ve started websites with bigger teams, and it was much, much harder because we didn’t have a centralized system to pull everything into one place.”

Cara Incandela, Spa Week Media Group

Company Overview

Saybine, Inc. is an online shopping destination created by the founder of Spa Week Media Group, the company behind the nationally acclaimed Spa Week Event and the industry-leading Spa & Wellness Gift Card.

Saybine combines over two decades of spa and wellness experience with a network of over 9,000 salon, spa, and wellness partners to hand-curate a catalog of the top-rated beauty and wellness products available in the market.

The Challenge

From the beginning, Saybine knew they would operate on a full dropship model, as they didn’t plan on housing inventory.

They formed partnerships with over fifteen vendors and brands operating through various platforms and methods (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, using spreadsheets, via API, etc.). When determining how they would work with each vendor, they quickly became aware of the work required to get started—much less keep up.

Through initial research, Saybine’s ecommerce platform recommended Flxpoint as a solution for pulling everything together. As they solidified their business plans over the next several months, they noticed Flxpoint was continually adding features that would streamline their operating procedures.

“We liked Flxpoint before we joined, and now—with the additional features—we realize it’s fantastic and will only help us down the road,” said Cara Incandela of Spa Week Media Group.

The Solution

During onboarding, Saybine’s Flxpoint Implementation Manager worked with their team and vendors to determine how Flxpoint would access each vendor’s inventory and availability. The Vendor Portal became a significant incentive for Saybine’s vendors.

“We like giving our vendors the option of using the Vendor Portal,” said Kaitlin Stafford of Spa Week Media Group.

“Before I pitched Flxpoint, several vendors were planning to send emails back and forth with inventory updates—including ground shipping methods and tracking information— in spreadsheets. The portal gives them a place to bookmark, and then they can set an SOP on their end in terms of using it.”

Saybine’s vendors also liked having the ability to give than one member of their team access to the Vendor Portal. Should someone be out of the office, the portal becomes a catchall of information that allows everyone to see what needs to be completed.

“We’re a very small team, and, from that perspective, Flxpoint was amazing,” said Cara. “I’ve started websites and stores with bigger teams, and it was much, much harder because we didn’t have a centralized system to pull everything into one place.”

Now, the Saybine team is in the process of further fine-tuning how they manage inventory in conjunction with their vendors.

In the future, they may integrate Flxpoint with their QuickBooks Online accounts to access Flxpoint’s accounting and invoice reconciliation features. Integrating with QuickBooks will enable them to experiment with syncing sales receipts, POs, and invoices inside Flxpoint to create a single view for financial reporting.

In the meantime, they’re focusing on ramping up their marketing efforts and continuing to build their business through dropshipping.

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