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Jessica Simpson


With a growing catalog and digital brand, learn how Jessica Simpson is leading the retail revolution to reach their consumers wherever they are with the products they want.
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“We have complex dropshipping needs that require an individualized approach for each of our licensee partners. The Flxpoint team has been able to assess and execute the best solutions, from complex EDI integrations to utilizing the Flxpoint Vendor Portal for onboarding new vendors quicker and with less work involved.”

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Company Overview

The Jessica Simpson brand has been a well known staple in many young girls and women’s closets for over a decade. In the past, you would need to drive to your local mall to find her shoes and accessories for purchase from a department store. Now, you can head to to find a large catalog of apparel, accessories, luggage and even curated bedding and home decor.

With a growing catalog and digital brand, Jessica Simpson is leading the retail revolution to reach their consumers wherever they are with the products they want.

The Challenge

As a company that was built on licensing the brand and outsourcing the retail operations, there were many firsts when it came to launching an online retail store. With no desire to warehouse inventory and make large wholesale purchases for this new venture, the Jessica Simpson team dove head first into configuring a network of distribution and fulfillment partners. 

Given a 100% dropship operation with these existing licensee partners, the Jessica Simpson team faced the complexity of connecting via EDI integrations, managing inventory feeds and routing orders across multiple vendors and their own showroom.  

While EDI was the preferred integration method for many of their partners, there were several that preferred to avoid EDI setup initially and leverage a user interface to accept orders and update tracking information. 

The Solution

Taking a consultative approach in the configuration of each distribution partner, the Flxpoint team worked with the Jessica Simpson team and their partners to determine the appropriate method of integration for each one.

Many partners were setup via EDI working closely with each team to dial in the inventory syncing timing to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. Custom EDI maps were built to account for each partner’s unique requirements around acknowledgments, cancels and partial shipments..

For the partners that preferred to avoid EDI integrations, they were provided the Flxpoint vendor portal for easy access and instant alerts to manage new orders, update tracking information and communicate with the Jessica Simpson team.

When it came to accounting for the inventory in the Jessica Simpson Showroom, Flxpoint was able to intelligently map products that existed in both the showroom as well as their distribution partner’s warehouses and intelligently route orders based on preference, location, cost and more to either of the locations.

The Jessica Simpson team continues to expand their catalog and grow their online sales through a dropship model that has proven to be a critical component in their success.

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