aosom customer success story



Learn how Aosom took their already successful ecommerce business model and leveraged Flxpoint to dropship products within niches they didn’t previously offer.
aosom customer success story

“We were missing dropship capabilities and we wanted a solution that could be automated and scale with us as we grow, that’s where Flxpoint comes in for us.”

Dorian Aites, Website Supervisor,

Company Overview

Aosom originally began as a small, homegrown business selling bike trailers in the US. It quickly became a standard for cycling enthusiasts and others seeking to bring a little adventure into their lives.

Now, Aosom has grown into a global ecommerce operation headquartered in China with branches in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and more.

Aosom’s brands span several categories—from pet supplies to outdoor furniture—to meet customers’ demand for quality products that won’t break the budget. Their goal is to take online shopping convenience and pair it with the value of excellent pricing and customer service to create an unrivaled buying experience.

The Challenge

As their business scaled, Aosom fine-tuned their logistics and excelled at ecommerce. Eventually, they decided to explore the addition of dropshipping to their business model.

However, they quickly realized that the logistical aspects of dropshipping were a significant obstacle to their success.

If suppliers didn’t provide up to date or well-formatted product data, Aosom was left to build their product listings manually. Manual tracking of order submission, too much trouble to warrant.

“When handling everything manually, we had no human bandwidth for it. The upkeep was formidable.”

They were excelling at managing their existing ecommerce business, selling branded items, and managing internal warehouses. Although they were interested in expanding their catalog with dropshipping, they did not have the resources to embark on the adventure.

The Solution

“We were missing dropship capabilities, and we weren’t going to home bake that ourselves. We wanted a solution that could be automated and would scale with us as we grow, that’s where Flxpoint comes in for us.”

With Flxpoint, Aosom now fills product niches they didn’t satisfy themselves, supplementing their catalog with products in categories they had only dabbled in previously.

Rather than manually managing spreadsheets and parsing out product data, they use Flxpoint automation to augment and build-out product listings and push products to their sales channel.

Their workflow is now seamless. When a customer places an order, their order management system, Oracle, identifies the item as dropship. The order is sent to Flxpoint’s API, where rules route it to the appropriate supplier.

Aosom has plans to expand its dropship program and as they add more suppliers, they will use Flxpoint to further streamline order processing.

Now that Aosom has fine-tuned their logistics management with Flxpoint, they can keep pace with demand as their business grows.

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