What’s New in Flxpoint – September 2022

Read on to see all of the latest Flxpoint app updates and feature releases for the month of September.

Order Routing Preview

The order routing preview tool allows you to see the impact your routing groups, order import workflows, and routing priorities will have on an order before you generate a fulfillment request.

Import Listings

We have added the ability to import listings directly from Shopify and BigCommerce to easily onboard and create/link to your listings in Flxpoint.

Other Notable Updates

[new] Magento as a Source – We have fully released Magento as a Source with Get Inventory, Send POs, and Get Shipments operations.

[new] Mirakl as a Channel – We have fully released Mirakl as a Channel with Publish Listings, Sync Listings, Get Orders, and Sync Orders operations.

[new] Track Secondary Acknowledgements – We have added the ability to track secondary acknowledgements on a PO line item. This is great for managing custom fulfillment statuses like “ready to ship” or “fully assembled”.

[update] Shipping Label Confirmation – You will now receive a confirmation after a shipping label was manually purchased successfully.

[update] Vendor Notification for POs – You can now notify vendors when creating or auto-processing POs.

[update] Amazon Currency Formatting – We will now format a comma decimal for international currency for the Amazon Publish & Sync Listings operation.

[update] BigCommerce Bulk Pricing Support – We have added Bulk Pricing Rule support to the BigCommerce mapping template.

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