What’s New in Flxpoint – October 2022

Read on to see all of the latest Flxpoint app updates and feature releases for the month of October.

Returns Management

No more tracking returns in spreadsheets! You can now create and manage Returns, RMAs and Return Shipments all within the Flxpoint app. This new feature is located in your Orders section under a new “Returns” tab at the top.

Track “In-Store” Orders &
Sync Closed Orders in Shopify

We have added the ability to track your in-store orders within the Flxpoint app by allowing you to set your Order Type to “POS” and Fulfillment Type to “In-Store” Purchase”. You can find this option under your individual Channel Settings.

Any “In-Store” orders in Flxpoint will automatically be “closed”.

If you’re using Shopify, we can then sync your closed orders in Flxpoint back to Shopify to ensure data equivalency. This setting is found in Step 2 of your Shopify Sync Orders integration.

Other Notable Updates

[new] Bulk Printing Shipping Label/Packing Slips – You are now able to bulk print your shipping labels and packing slips within the Flxpoint app and Vendor Portal.

[new] Cross Dock PO Management – We will now automatically clone your Cross Dock Purchase Order in a “Stub PO” to be sent to your internal warehouse upon creation and have added the ability to sync shipment information to your Channel.

[new] ChannelEngine Integration – You can now fully integrate with ChannelEngine in Flxpoint to publish and sync listings and orders.

[update] Multiple Invoices for a Fulfillment Request – You now have the ability to import multiple Source Invoices for the same Fulfillment Request.

[update] Estimated Shipping Costs on Channel Invoices – Channel invoicing rules now allows the summing of estimated shipping costs for line items with more than one quantity.

[update] Integrate Tax Field for Shopify POs – You can now map from the Order (invoice) Tax within Flxpoint to the Shopify total tax field in your Shopify Send POs integration.

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