What’s New in Flxpoint – February 2023

Read on to see all of the latest Flxpoint app updates and feature releases for the month of February.

Re-Routing Support for Orders

You now have the ability to re-route an order when all fulfillment requests on the order are canceled or voided.

Merge Custom Fields

You now have the ability to merge custom fields in order to better refine product data.

Other Notable Updates

View/Edit Fulfillment Requests Notes – You now have the ability to view and edit notes on an individual fulfillment request.

MPNs on Fulfillment Requests – MPNs are now copied over on automatically generated fulfillment requests. We also now expose MPNs on linked inventory when manually creating fulfillment requests.

UPS – Get Shipments is now available. Use the Flxpoint “Fulfillment Request #” as the UPS “Reference ID” to match the shipment to the Fulfillment Request.

Shopify – Get Inventory Secondary is now available.

Motor State Distributing – Send Fulfillment Requests and Get Shipments are now available.

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