What’s New in Flxpoint – April 2023

Read on to see all of the latest Flxpoint app updates and feature releases for the month of April.

Set a Master SKU

You now have the ability to set a Master SKU, which is a unique, primary identifier that can be used to connect and merge inventory data from your sales channel(s) and multiple sources.

To learn more and how to implement, click here.

Health Status Icons for Channel Listings

These new icons provide a consolidated view of your current and pending listing statuses. In the status column for every listing, you will see a color-coded icon pertaining to three overall status types:

  • Listing Health Status: Represents the current state of the listing
  • Linking Status: Represents if the listing is connected or linked to an external channel
  • Needs Attention Status: Represents if the listing has encountered an issue that needs to be reviewed

To learn more about listing health and status, click here.

Add Variant Descriptions

You can now add detailed descriptions for your unique variants.

Other Notable Updates

[new] Fewest Number of Fulfillment Requests Routing Priority – You can now prioritize generating the fewest number of fulfillment requests needed to fulfill your orders.

[new] Ingram Micro US/CA Integration – We have released the Send Fulfillment Requests, Get Shipments, and Get Invoices integrations.

[new] D&H US Integration – We have released the Send Fulfillment Requests integration.

[update] Single Fulfillment Request Routing Priority – This was formerly known as the Single Source Routing Priority and prioritizes the fulfillment of an order using a single fulfillment request.

[update] Vendor Purchase Order Notes – Vendors can now view Purchase Order notes within the Vendor Portal.

[update] Flxpoint Standard EDI Get Shipments – We have added Unit Measurement Code as an available mappable field in the mapping template.

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