Manage Shipping Labels in Flxpoint

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 05:09 pm

Flxpoint has partnered with ShipEngine to offer new in-app features, including integrated shipping label generation and the ability to download and send or print shipping labels directly from the Flxpoint app. 

ShipEngine is a shipping and logistics API that empowers ecommerce business owners to build custom workflows within their existing platforms to streamline the fulfillment process.

ShipEngine’s features have been directly integrated into Flxpoint, adding the ability to connect to existing carrier accounts—improving productivity and decreasing fulfillment costs. 

With a ShipEngine account configured, you can select a shipping option from your desired carrier without ever navigating away from an order. After selecting a shipping method, you can quickly generate labels in just a few clicks.

Send Shipping Labels Directly to Suppliers

Upon purchasing a label, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Then, you’re presented with the option to select a format (PDF, PNG, or ZPL) to attach it to the relevant purchase order or fulfillment request.

At any time, you may view, download or void the shipping label created for an order. If needed, you can send the purchase order and attached shipping label to a source as an attachment using an email integration, FTP integration, our API, or send it through Flxpoint’s vendor portal.

If sending to a supplier or source isn’t applicable, you can easily download and print labels directly from the Flxpoint app for your own use. 

Accomplish More in Less Time With Flxpoint

Manage shipping labels within Flxpoint to eliminate the need for other third-party systems—save money and time by never leaving the Flxpoint app! Check out the video below for an overview of this feature.

Contact our team to learn more about streamlining your order fulfillment and shipping management processes with Flxpoint and ShipEngine’s API.

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