Flxpoint Features Roadmap: June 2021

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 04:54 pm

We update Flxpoint almost weekly with new feature releases and performance improvements. 

What We’ve Been Up To

Let’s go over what we have completed so far and what you can look forward to in the coming months.

Generate Shipping Labels in a Snap

Shipping label generation is a massive new feature that supports two different use cases. 

Now, you can either buy, generate, and send shipping labels to an integrated source, or print them yourself for in-house fulfillment—all inside the Flxpoint app.

Navigate Flxpoint With Ease 

Thanks to over 150 new tooltips, the Flxpoint app is more intuitive and easier to use. 

If you notice an information icon () or a question mark next to a section or setting in Flxpoint, hover over it to learn more about that specific function.

Identify and Tag Overlapping Products

When Flxpoint’s product builders identify and combine overlapping products across your vendor catalogs, you can now tag these items to reference and organize your product data through filters.

Manage Vendor Relationships More Efficiently

It’s now easier than ever to work with your vendors inside of Flxpoint’s improved Vendor Portal. We’ve expanded the portal’s functionality to create an easier way for your fulfillment partners to manage their connection with your Flxpoint account.

Load More Products—Faster

You can now load over 1.5 million products into your account in under three seconds. Yes, you read that rightthree seconds.

List Products Easier and More Efficiently

We’ve enhanced both our integration and product builders. The streamlined steps to building your product catalog from integrated sources and creating channel listings creates an easier and more efficient product listing experience.

Other enhancements allow you to build new source and channel integrations faster than ever!

Enjoy an Improved App Experience

We’ve introduced a sleek new user interface and Flxpoint branding. 

The Flxpoint app has never looked better, thanks to an entirely revamped and modernized user interface. We’ve also refreshed the Flxpoint logo and coloring, which we’ve incorporated into the UI.

We think it’s the most attractive software app of its kind—but we’ll let you be the judge.

Take Advantage of Self-Guided Onboarding

To assist customers during their initial account setup, we now offer an in-app self-guided onboarding process.

Control Quantity and Price Changes on Specific Sales Channels

Use custom aggregate fields to control quantity and price changes on specific sales channels that you might not want to execute across your integrations.

Take Advantage of a Truly Integrated Tech Stack

We now have active 3rd party integrations with Square Payments, MIVA, GFK Etilize, Netsuite, Shipping Easy, and SKULabs.

Coming Soon

Phew, that was a lot of work! But no time for breaks. We’re already working on what’s coming next.

Keep reading for some planned initiatives that you can look forward to.

A Better, More Flexible Order Management Experience

We want to make our order management functionality even better through:

  • Packing slip generation
  • Order line item notes
  • Order custom fields
  • Channel invoices PDFs
  • Bulk editing purchase orders

Access a New and Improved API

Calling all developers! 

We are excited to release our improved API to allow our customers with more technical needs to connect with Flxpoint for a broader variety of supported operations.

Manage Your Owned Inventory in Flxpoint

Last but definitely not least, you will soon have the ability to create and manage in-house inventory inside the Flxpoint app. This means you can further reduce the number of other software systems you use daily.

We can’t wait to release more new features and updated functionality for our Flxpoint customers. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, blog, and social accounts to get the latest Flxpoint feature updates and more trending ecommerce content.

If you haven’t already worked them into your processes, which of these updates will you try today? 

See you next month for more!

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