Introducing Flxpoint’s New and Improved UI

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 04:57 pm

Tomorrow, we’re excited to roll out a new Flxpoint user interface that features a modern look with updated icons, fonts, and colors. However, the changes we’re implementing are more than cosmetic.

Our core focus when designing the new UI was to improve the core functionality that Flxpoint customers use every day. We wanted to make the process of managing your ecommerce operations more intuitive and easier than ever before.

New Look

We’ve completely redesigned Flxpoint’s aesthetics with a sleek and easier-to-navigate new layout. Below are a couple of areas of focus:

Setting up and syncing integrations has been streamlined with the addition of saving drafts along with an integration overview where you can:

  • Review the configuration progress 
  • Run an integration 
  • Schedule an integration
  • Manually upload a file (only for certain integrations)

The Mapping section has been restructured to separate configured and not configured templates and rules, so you can focus on the mapping templates and rules you are using. 

New Lingo

To better align our verbiage with the industry-standard, we’ve renamed some of our core functionally to offer a more intuitive experience. Here’s a list of the terminology we’ve updated:

Source Products = Inventory

  • Any verbiage that previously mentioned “source products” will now reflect “inventory.” A couple of other notable changes related to Sources are:
  • Get Source Products = Get Inventory [Primary] 
  • Get Inventory = Get Inventory [Secondary]

Virtual Products = Products/Product Catalog

  • Any verbiage that previously mentioned “virtuals” will now reflect “products.”

Listings = Channel Listings  

Dealers = Resellers

Suppliers = Vendors

New Builders

Creating new products or listings has been simplified down to four steps (from the perspective of building products). 

  1. Select your inventory variants (to build into products) 
  2. Click Create Products
  3. Confirm the Builder and Mapping Template to use
  4. Click Create Product(s)

That’s it! No more queuing or scheduling the product builder to run. 

There are many enhancements bundled into this latest rollout. To learn more about our new builder, check out our support docs: Create Products and Create Listings

Self-Guided Integration Set up  

For clients going through onboarding and haven’t set up their first source or channel, we’ve introduced a step-by-step tutorial to show you how.

Users are free to roam through Flxpoint while returning back to the self-guided set up by clicking the rocketship icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

If you already have your first source created, or have completed the self-guided integration set up, then the rocket ship icon will become a Getting Started page. 

This page outlines the typical steps clients will take during onboarding in Flxpoint. Each section will have helpful links embedded to guide you along through instructional videos, support documentation, and direct links that navigate you to the areas of your account where you will perform these actions. 

If you’re a current user with questions about the new interface, reference our updated documentation or contact us for support.

As we look toward the future of Flxpoint, there are continued improvements on the horizon. We hope you enjoy the new user experience and keep providing feedback to make it even better.

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