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In 2023, U.S. firearm sales reached nearly 15.9 million, highlighting the industry’s robust $28 billion valuation. Notably, online firearm purchases surged by 336% in 2019 alone, underscoring the critical role and exponential growth of online firearm marketplaces, where platforms like and serve as key players, providing sellers with diverse avenues for maximizing sales.

Within the online firearm marketplace, understanding the nuances of these platforms’ operational models and fee structures becomes paramount for sellers looking to leverage the online marketplace effectively while ensuring regulatory compliance.

This analysis aims to provide a comprehensive overview of both platforms, comparing their business frameworks, payment and shipping process, audience reach, customer support and much more.

Platform Overview: Business Model and Services Offered

GunBroker operates as an online auction and sales platform specifically for firearms and related items, serving as a significant marketplace for firearm sellers and buyers. Established in 1999, it has grown to become the largest online gun auction site globally, boasting over four million registered users.

It allows sellers to list items, such as antique firearms, hunting equipment, and outdoor gear, in either auction or fixed-price formats. Upon a successful sale, the platform charges a fee, serving as its primary revenue source. Gunbroker not only facilitates these transactions but also supports sellers with a comprehensive knowledge base covering listing practices, payment methods, and shipping guidelines. also offers integrated tools for sellers for inventory management and sales tracking through its Partnership with Flxpoint and others. Importantly, it ensures compliance with federal and state firearm laws, requiring buyers to complete transactions through licensed firearm dealers.

The platform provides sellers with a comprehensive, legal, and efficient means to reach buyers across the United States, maximizing their sales potential while adhering to regulatory requirements. operates as an online marketplace, significantly enhancing the sales reach for firearm sellers, particularly brick-and-mortar gun stores. This platform allows these stores to list their inventory, both new and used firearms, online, thereby tapping into a broader customer base nationwide.

While maintains its inventory, the bulk of their sales come from partnering with Federal Firearms License (FFL) Dealers across the U.S., effectively supporting local businesses by integrating their offerings into a vast online catalog.

Additionally, facilitates a straightforward process for individual sellers looking to sell firearms. Sellers can submit details about their gun, receive a quote, and ship their firearm for inspection via a prepaid label.

Upon verifying the item’s condition and functionality, issues payment, making it a seamless transaction for sellers. Their Dealer Outlet further connects FFL dealers with buyers, showcasing attractive deals and supporting the firearms community at large.

Fees and Costs

When selling on GunBroker in 2024, here’s a breakdown of the fees and costs you need to be aware of:

Fee TypeDetail
Membership FeeThere is no recurring membership fee for sellers on GunBroker.
Listing FeeBasic listings are free until the item sells. This includes no reserve auctions and fixed price listings.
Final Value FeeOnce an item sells, a Final Value Fee is assessed. The specifics of this fee depend on the selling price of the item. Sellers are encouraged to use the Final Value Fee Calculator provided by GunBroker to estimate this fee.
Optional Services FeesSellers may incur fees for optional services to enhance their listings, such as Showcase Listings, Featured Listings, Sponsored Listings, Highlight, Boldface Title, Colored Title, View Counter, Scheduled Listing, and Subtitle. These fees are charged when the item is listed, regardless of whether or not the item sells.
Payment Processing FeeIf a payment is made via Checkout using the OutdoorPay Payment Platform, a Payment Processing Fee is charged.
Discounted Fees for Top SellersGunBroker offers discounted fees for top sellers, which are determined quarterly based on sales from the previous quarter.

For the most accurate and up-to-date fee structure, including any potential discounts you may qualify for as a top seller, refer directly to GunBroker’s fees page.

When selling on in 2024, here’s a breakdown of the fees and costs you need to be aware of:

Fee TypeDetail
Shipping and Handling FeesPrepaid shipping label provided by If ammunition is shipped with the firearm, a handling fee is deducted from the offer.
Inspection and PaymentDirect deposit within 1 business day after inspection approval; may take 2-3 days to post. Check payments mailed within 3 business days, up to 2 weeks for delivery.
Firearm Processing FeeCovers credit card charges by, no last-minute fees added. Includes organizing all shipping/transfer paperwork and handling issues, including returns.

For detailed and specific information regarding any additional fees or terms not covered, it’s recommended to directly check’s FAQ section.

Ease of Use and Support
Website Design & NavigationDetailed interface allowing extensive customization of listings, which may require a steeper learning curve for new users.User-friendly with clear, intuitive design. Simplifies listing and sales management.
Inventory Management & IntegrationIntegrated with platforms offering tools like auction templates, bulk listing options, and inventory management systems such as Flxpoint. Also provides API for enhanced connectivity and automation.Offers fast and easy inventory listing process and API integrations with POS providers.
Customer ServiceSupport through a help center, email, and community forum. Direct phone support may be limited.Dedicated email and phone support. Responsive and helpful for various issues.
Ease of finding informationDetailed information about legal compliance, shipping, and optimizing auction listings. Offers webinars and tutorials.Information available related to shipping best practices, listing creation and more.
SupportGood for experienced sellers or those preferring auctions. Offers customization and scalability with advanced tool sets for inventory and sales management.Excellent for straightforward listing and management. Ideal for direct sales.
Listing ProcessFlexible listing options, including auction-style sales, allowing for detailed customization and potentially higher value for rare items.Straightforward listing process with clear steps and guidelines. Curated listings ensure quality and compliance.

Security and Compliance

For sellers, both and offer platforms with distinct approaches to security, compliance, and fees, tailored to the needs of firearm transactions., while also adhering to legal requirements, places more responsibility on the sellers to ensure their sales are compliant with the law. The platform provides resources and information to help sellers, but the onus is on the individual seller to manage the legalities of their transactions, including background checks and interstate shipping regulations. is known for its emphasis on compliance and security. The platform likely ensures that all transactions meet federal and state regulations, offering peace of mind to sellers concerned about the legal aspects of firearm sales. This might include performing background checks on buyers or ensuring that all sales go through licensed firearm dealers.

Shipping and Logistics

The handling of shipping and logistics is a critical aspect for sellers on online firearm platforms, affecting both convenience and cost. Here’s how and compare in this regard:
Shipping and Logistics SolutionsSellers are fully responsible for determining shipping policies, costs, and carriers, requiring them to manage all aspects of shipping and logisticsOffers integrated shipping solutions, potentially including pre-negotiated rates or direct handling by, simplifying the process for sellers
Seller ConvenienceLower convenience due to the requirement for sellers to invest time and effort in managing shipping details and logisticsHigh convenience, potentially eliminating the need for sellers to negotiate rates, manage packaging, or handle logistics
Control Over Shipping ProcessMore control for sellers, allowing them to choose their preferred carriers and shipping policies, potentially optimizing costsLess control for sellers over the shipping process, as may manage many aspects directly
Cost ImplicationsOffers potential cost savings for sellers who are willing to manage the shipping process, but requires more effort and understanding of shipping logisticsMay reduce the effort and potentially the cost of shipping for sellers, with the trade-off of less control over shipping options
Legal and Regulatory ComplianceRequires sellers to be familiar with and adhere to legal requirements for shipping firearms, which can vary by stateSimplifies compliance with shipping regulations for firearms, as likely manages these aspects

For the most accurate and up-to-date details on shipping policies and logistics, please refer to the specific shipping information pages on both and


Which platform, or, is better for firearm dropshipping? allows dropshippers to access a broader range of products and potentially lower prices through bidding. However, the auction model may introduce variability in availability and pricing. For dropshippers seeking consistent supply and pricing, might be the better choice, while those looking for deals and a wider selection might prefer is known for its straightforward, retail-focused approach, offering a wide selection of firearms directly to consumers, which can be beneficial for dropshippers looking for a reliable source of new and used firearms.

Additionally, for those looking to dive deeper into the nuances of selling on this platform and making the most out of every transaction, consider exploring our detailed guide on dropshipping firearms.

This resource is designed to help sellers understand the finer points of the platform, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the Gunbroker ecosystem effectively.

Which platform, or, is better for firearm manufacturers?

If your goal is to reach a wide consumer base directly, with the option to auction off products or sell them at a set price, offers a more flexible platform. It might be particularly appealing if you also deal in parts, accessories, or collectibles, given its extensive category list.

If you’re looking for a platform that emphasizes dealer connections, customer service, and additional services like financing, could be more suitable. It seems to offer a more curated experience, potentially offering more support and resources for dealers and manufacturers looking to connect with local buyers.

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