Enhance Your Product Data with Flxpoint + Etilize

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 04:57 pm

According to a recent GfK study, 54% of consumers say they shop around to find the best value versus remaining loyal to one brand. 

Now more than ever, your online product data needs to stand out to capture your customers’ attention. Enhanced product content is shown to lower cart abandonment and return rates and increase sales. 

Increase cart conversions and gain a competitive edge with Flxpoint’s ecommerce automation tools and new GfK Etilize integration. 

What Is Etilize?

Most online retailers that are selling electronics through an e-commerce platform or marketplace source from multiple suppliers. While many of them offer the same products, all product content is not created equal. 

That’s where Etilize, the leading provider of product content in the electronics niche, comes in. Its product database provides better product pictures, rich titles, accurate product descriptions, and all the necessary product specifications and attribute sets.

GFK Etilize’s product catalog contains more than 20 million products, making it the largest in the world. The data, which targets over 50 markets and is available in 30 languages, is optimized and categorized with respect to SEO.

Why Flxpoint + Etilize?

Integrating with Etilize allows you to curate a comprehensive consumer electronics catalog in Flxpoint to sync and publish to your sales channels.

Use Flxpoint’s product information management technology to find duplicate products across catalogs and prioritize Etilize’s rich product content to create the perfect listing.

Increase Sales

According to research by Google Manufacturer Center, higher quality product content can increase purchase conversions by up to 25%. 

Reduce Returns

The average return rate for online purchases is 20-30%. One of the biggest factors in returns is products not matching their online description.

The higher your quality of product content, the lower your return rate will be.

Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 69%, and the quality of product content is one of the top reasons why.

Experience these benefits and more by utilizing Flxpoint’s new Etilize integration. 

You may already be leveraging Inventory Source’s pre-built Etilize supplier integrations. With our new Flxpoint + Etilize integration, Etilize offers two plans for Flxpoint users. Compared to Inventory Source’s SpexBasic plan, Etilize’s Flxpoint product data solution provides more attributes. The upgraded plan includes even more attribute data and a greater amount of high-res product images.

Upgrade to Flxpoint to take advantage of new data and automation tools and expand your catalog to include Etilize suppliers that are not included in Inventory Source’s directory.

For more information on the available Etilize plans or to schedule a demo of the Flxpoint platform, contact our team below.

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